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Nedda no longer does
missing animal cases.




Light is Information.
Love is the Key to Ascension.
Ascension is a shift in Consciousness
that restores Connection
 and Oneness.
Be the Light.  Be the Love.
Only Love Prevails.

As a Divine Being,
created in the image of the Divine Creator,
I hereby take back my personal power.
I am God.
I am Sovereign.
I am Free.

Rays of Healing Light

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Sacred Tarot:  Past-Present-Future

Receive confirmation, affirmation, insight, and inspiration


Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™

Restore your personal power, harmony, and balance.




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for Humans & Animals

Receive the compassionate, supportive, heart-centered, transformative assistance you and your animals deserve.

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Distance telepathic communication
sessions by phone or Skype

< > Distance Intuitive Healing < >

Multidimensional healing for animals.


< > Mentoring & Coaching for
Professional Animal Communicators < >

A variety of opportunities are available.



Sacred Tarot Readings:  Past-Present-Future

Where have you been?  Where are you right now?  Where are you headed?  Receive confirmation, affirmation, insight, and inspiration.

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

Restore your personal power and create clarity, harmony, and balance in your life.  Discover that you can follow your soul path and achieve your personal goals.

Source Resonance Healing

Heal the deep wounds of 3-D living.  Cleanse yourself of 3-D debris impeding your spiritual evolution.  Restore the perfection of Divine Love, Love of Self, and Resonance with Source.

Metaphysical Resonance Imaging

Receive a 5th Dimensional Body Scan of all your bodies.  Learn where you need to heal through the power of Divine Love.

Akashic Record Consultations

Ask questions; get answers. The Records contain all the information about your Soul through all of eternity.  The Record Keepers provide insight, but will not tell you what to do.

Preparation for Surgery

Set intentions for the best possible outcome.  Energetically balance and prepare your 4-body system.  Clear the surgical space.  Energetically align and balance members of the surgical team for peak performance of your surgery.

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