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 Nedda WittelsNedda Wittels- Animal Communicator, Light Worker, Shamballa Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, Teacher

 9 Knollwood Circle

 Simsbury, CT  06070



 Please call to schedule.

 Rays of Healing Light

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Receive compassionate, supportive, heart-centered assistance for yourself.


Source Resonance Healing

Free yourself from limitation!
Accelerate your integration
of 5-D energies.

Akashic Record Consultations

Ask questions; get answers.


Preparation for Surgery

Prepare the space, the surgical team, and your body, mind, and spirit.  Set intentions for the best possible outcome.


Are you feeling confused, frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed, and challenged by the frequent and intense energy shifts?

Read more ....

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"Who Am I Anyway?"

Play the free teleclass recording


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"A Taste of TWA"

Experience for yourself why
TWA is the premier
Animal Communication Coaching Program.




Nedda Wittels & Val Heart discuss . . .


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Receive compassionate, supportive,
heart-centered assistance for
yourself and your animal companions.

Animal Communication by phone or Skype.

Distance Multidimensional Intuitive Healing

 Mentoring & Coaching for
Professional Animal Communicators

For missing animals, visit FindALostPetResources.com

Meet My Family

Animal Communication - eye to eye, soul to soul.      Hattie
Sakhara                    Violet                   Hattie

Starlight                    Echo

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As a Divine Being,
created in the image of the Divine Creator,
I hereby take back my personal power.

I am God.

I am Sovereign.

I am Free.

Light is Information.
Love is the Key to Ascension.
Ascension is the Integration of higher spiritual frequencies into all of your bodies.
Be the Light.  Be the Love.
Only Love Prevails.

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