Even a Horse Needs to Be Grounded

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When You Are Grounded, Everything Changes.

Oldenburg Stallion - Breyer model.

Ric, a 6 year old Oldenburg gelding, was very inconsistent in his work. Some days he was “there” and other days he was spooky and disconnected. At 17.2 hands, this made him scary to work with and to ride. His person, Sue, tried Reiki, essential oils, myofascial release, and Tibetan Bowl therapies to no avail.

In an Animal Communication session, Nedda encouraged Ric to speak about how he was feeling. He told her he is very sensitive and doesn’t know how to filter out other people’s thoughts and emotions. He also said he didn’t feel safe in his body. He said he really wants to connect with his person, Sue, but doesn’t really trust anyone. He released a great deal of grief during the conversation. It was clear to Nedda that Ric was not very grounded. In fact, he seemed to be as much out of his body as in it.

In a Multidimensional Healing which Ric cautiously and somewhat suspiciously agreed to have, Nedda and her “upstairs” team of healers opened energy jams in Ric’s knees and hocks that were preventing him from being fully in his body. The chakras in his knees and hocks were cleansed of past life issues that were stuck there and were repaired to full functioning.

Nedda then showed Ric how to breath fully into all 4 of his legs and to feel connected, grounded, and supported by Mother Earth. She followed this with a brain balancing technique that would help him feel mentally connected and able to make choices about what to let in and what to keep out so Ric could create and maintain his own mental/emotional boundaries. Then Nedda filled him with energy, balancing his whole body.

Two days later, Sue reported these changes in Ric:

Ric’s eyes are different. The eyes are full, soft, open, and wide. (He can have very recessed hard eyes. The left eye could be sometimes described as “wild”.)

When I turned him in the indoor his body is again soft and fluid. He looked spectacular playing!

Here is the best part – He has never behaved like this before – After freely moving he came up to me five separate times and stood squarely in front of me. Each “visit” with me showed a progressively increasing, very strong, and powerful energy was radiating from him into my torso. Each time he came to me the vibration was more intense.

At first it was a very intimidating force that really caught me by surprise  — OK -  it shocked me.

Then it became apparent that he was wanted me to feel what his body felt like and he was so grateful. I can still feel him hours later. Pretty cool huh? His eyes stayed soft the entire time I was with him.

Thank you!
Sue R., Wisconsin


A Gift From the Universe

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I’ve been asking the Universe to send me a “bosom” friend, as the expression goes.  I had no idea how this would happen, as I rarely (never) go out to socialize and meet new people.  And I’m also extremely busy with expanding my business this year and other daily activities of life.

The Universe answered anyway!

Two days ago, a woman I had never met called me to say she kept hearing my name from people as someone who talks with animals and is unusual in other ways.  Peg called me “out of the blue” and introduced herself, and, in a very charming and enthusiastic way, suggested she come by and meet me.  She wanted to do so that very day, but my schedule caused us to wait 24 hours and get together yesterday.

Turns out that Peg and I were born in the same month only 7 days apart (not counting a few years), that she was also a school teacher (albeit elementary to my high school), that she was born in San Diego and grew up in Los Angeles (I was born in San Fransisco and grew up in New York State).   OK, so maybe this isn’t an exact match, but energetically speaking, we are aligned.

It’s like finding a new sister I didn’t know I had.  She loves horses and is learning to ride after giving up riding many years ago as a child.  She is enthusiastic about life, loves to laugh and try new things, sees the humor in little daily events, loves to drive cars (it must be that LA connection), loves to learn, and is a bright, intelligent, and outgoing person.

Wow, Universe, did you hit the jackpot or what?

Welcome, Peg, to my unusual world of Spiritual Focus, Animal Connection, and general non-conformity.  When someone tells me “Be good” I respond with “Heck no!  That’s boring!”  Peg seems to feel that this is an appropriate response.

In all my years in this lifetime, I’ve only had one other friend who understood that my jokes are actually funny, and she left her physical form behind in the 1980′s.

So I’m very glad to know you, Peg, and I’m looking forward to knowing you better and having a few adventures together very soon!

Thank you, Universe.

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