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You experience whatever you choose.


Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

You can transform your life ...

Restore your personal power and create clarity, harmony, and balance in your life.

Discover that you can follow your Soul path and achieve your personal goals.

Connect with and receive guidance from your Soul and I Am Presence.

Experience the power of the Emotion Code™, a system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.¹

Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healing™ (MDH)

MDH benefits ...

Supports optimal healing at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Assists your body to use its innate abilities to heal itself with this ancient healing art.

Facilitates your body's natural, self-correcting mechanisms designed to maintain harmony and health.

Enhances your body's natural capacity to restore balance when you are having health challenges.

Encourages a more complete healing after injury, surgery, or illness.

Preparation for Surgery

Create the best possible outcome.

Energetically balance and prepare your 7-body system for surgery.

Set intentions for the best possible outcome and recovery process.

Clear the surgical space.

Energetically align and balance members of your medical team for peak performance during your surgery and recovery.

Multidimensional Body Scans

You have many bodies.  They each may have something to communicate.

Discover where you are on your path from the perspective of your chakras and energy fields, as well as higher guidance.

Learn where you need to heal through the power of Divine Love.

This is not a healing session per se.  It is an exploration of what may need to be healed or may confirm for you what you are healing at the time of the scan.

Flower Essences gently shift our emotional states
restoring balance and harmony.

Flower essences are gentle energy patterns helpful in transforming emotional issues, thought patterns, and behaviors.

Nedda may suggest Flower Essences during your session as an adjunct to support your journey.

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¹ Dr. Bradley Nelson's website.

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