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About Source Resonance Healing™


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Disclaimer Nedda Wittels is not a physician or psychotherapist and does not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness. When there are serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems,
a physician of your choice should be consulted.  These services are not a substitute
for medical treatment.

About Source Resonance Healing™

RESONANCE:  A vibrational alignment
an energetic frequency pattern.


Restore your resonance, your alignment, with Source.

When you change, your whole life changes!

Deep within us live younger parts of ourselves who got stuck in the past, holding onto memories of loss, pain, shame, anger, and some rather unpleasant experiences.

Some are so frightened, they may be invisible and hidden.   Yet they exert powerful influences over our daily lives.

Others may be desperately seeking to get our attention, wanting to be freed from the tasks they took on so that we could survive the challenges of our childhoods.

When we identify and truly listen without judgment to these inner aspects of ourselves, we can build trust with them, heal them, and free them.

They are waiting deep inside you.  They need tender care to heal from long years of being stuck in limitation.  They require patience, nurturance, forgiveness, and gratitude.

The journey within is difficult to do on our own.  Most of us require support and assistance, someone to hold the energetic space and act as a guide. 

With the support and assistance of your I AM Presence and other members of the "Upstairs Department", we will work together to heal and integrate them.

Success transforms our daily life and our sense of who we are.  We can . . .


create and maintain inner peace and harmony.


restore our personal power.


build trust within ourselves:  TRUST of ourselves
 and TRUST of the Divine Self that is our True Nature.


accept that all aspects of ourselves are deserving of love.

This inner journey translates into our outer world experience.  These inner parts hold many gifts. 

As they heal and integrate into your full, dynamic Self, you gain access to many special qualities, such as - creativity, playfulness, psychic abilities, and more.

Perhaps most importantly,

When we believe we deserve to be loved,

we open to truly receiving that love.

This includes Divine Love, which is always available, although so many of us still feel disconnected from it.

During this time of spiritual awakening and ascension, healing our inner world is a priority. 

We cannot move comfortably into higher vibrations while still  held down by the weight of lower vibrational patterns.

You may already be struggling with the old 3-D debris.  Assistance is available to help you shed it once and for all.

Source Resonance Healing™
founded by
Nedda Wittels and Karen Nowak. 

"We both wish you well on your Divine Journey."

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Benefits of Source Resonance Healing

You are not alone as you learn to live as a 5th Dimensional human.

Source Resonance Healing helps you transform from 3-D to 5-D.



~~ OVERCOME fear, self-judgment, and anxiety.

~~ RESTORE TRUST in all parts of yourself.

~~ FEEL EMPOWERED.  Receive the many gifts that those parts have been holding onto all along.

~~ MEET the parts of you who feel lost, abandoned, and unworthy, not good enough, and distrustful of life.

~~ NURTURE those parts to restore hope, trust, security, and inner peace..

~~ EXPAND beyond mental and emotional traps of the 3-D paradigm.

~~ FIND inner strength and clarity

~~ RECOGNIZE that you are the Divine Self.

~~ INCREASE feelings of safety and security.

~~ DISMANTLE mental and emotional patterns  keeping you trapped in limitation, disharmony, and pain.

~~ OPEN a permanent, loving connection to your I Am Presence.

~~ LEARN how to communicate daily with your I Am for ongoing guidance, Love, and support.

~~ EXPRESS the authentic you while feeling safe and empowered.

~~ DISCOVER your creativity and boundless inner joy.

~~ LET GO of RESISTANCE to change.


~~ REVEAL internal brilliance hidden within you.

~~ HAVE DIRECT ACCESS to Divine Guidance for your life.

~~ APPROACH daily life with enthusiasm, flexibility, and joy.

~~ INTEGRATE your 5th Dimensional Self and I Am Presence.

~~ LIVE as your I Am Presence while helping your EGO self to feel safe.


Prepare for Your First Session

To make your first session more effective, please

  1. Create a written list of topics, questions, and important events that are taking place in your life that prompted you to schedule the appointment.


  2. Complete the First Session Form.  If you've never had a Source Resonance Healing session before, you are requested to complete this form.  When you SUBMIT the form, your information will automatically be sent to me and you'll be taken to the page to make your payment.

SRH™ First Session Form.

All information is held in complete confidence!

Throughout the session, Nedda will be guided by your I Am Presence (Your Divine Self), her own I Am Presence, healing guides from the higher realms, and teams from Source who created Source Resonance Healing™.


Purchase 1 or more sessions:  PAY FOR SERVICES.

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