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The Akashic Records contain data that can help you align with your Soul Path.




Scheduling an ARC Session




Scheduling and Payment

Disclaimer Nedda Wittels is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness. When there are serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems, a physician of your choice should be consulted.  These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.



Access the AKASHA, the primary substance out of which all things are formed.  This field is so sensitive that it registers even the most subtle vibration of energy from all parts of the Universe.

The Akashic Records are a consciousness field of infinite Light, Love, and Wisdom on which the past, present, and future possibilities for your Soul are recorded.

In an Akashic Record Consultation, your personal Records are opened.  You ask questions and the consultant channels the responses of the Record Keepers, Masters, and Loved Ones of you.  In the session, you may receive these and other benefits:

  •  Discover your Soul's true path in this lifetime.

  •  Receive spiritual wisdom.

  •  Learn about who you are, who you've been, and the choices available to you right now.

  •  Receive detailed information intended to help you make new decisions.

  •  Experience Love and Compassion as you receive answers to your questions.

  •  Learn how to overcome fears and other obstacles in your life.

  •  Learn how to heal and transform your relationships.

  •  Explore your professional and financial choices.

  •  Eliminate repeating patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you.

  •  Gain understanding, insight, and courage to make changes to your current life circumstances.

You can ask questions on any subject that you choose to explore.  The Record Keepers will never tell you what to do or what you should do.  They will provide a higher perspective and information that will help YOU make informed choices about your life.

The consultant will assist you in creating questions that will elicit the greatest amount of helpful information and will channel the answers to you with compassion and without judgment.

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Scheduling an ARC Session

Steps to schedule your FIRST session:

  1. Download the Akashic Record Package which contains additional information that will help you prepare for your session

  2. Complete the Akashic Record Consent Form.

  3. Pay for your session if you have not already done so.

  4. I will contact you to schedule your appointment when I have your completed form and your payment.

Steps to schedule ADDITIONAL sessions:

  1. Pay for your session if you have not already done so.

  2. Request an appointment by calling 860-651-5771 or by email if you live outside the US or Canada.

How to prepare for ALL your sessions.

  1. Create a list of specific questions that you want to ask the during the session.

  2. Use the information in the Akashic Record Package to help you create questions that will elicit the information you're seeking.



Purchase a session:  PAY FOR SERVICES.


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Akashic Record FAQs

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records contain all the knowledge and spiritual wisdom of our entire Universe.  The records are kept in a unified field – an energetic substance that can be accessed and read by those trained to work with the Record Keepers.  All of your Soul’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions across uncounted lifetimes are contained within this field.

Who can Access the Akashic Records?

The information stored in the Akashic Records is available to everyone through those who have been trained to access them.  The sacred process of accessing the Records and sharing the information requires a high level of personal, professional, and spiritual integrity, as well as some skill and training.  Compassion and non-judgment are essential elements in the Consultant who shares the information with you.

How long is a consultation?

Each consultation is about 55 minutes and includes time to review your questions, open the Records, ask and receive answers to your questions, review your session, and close the records.

What happens during an Akashic Record Consultation?

Your consultation is about you and your life.  During the session,

  1. A sacred prayer is offered to open your Records.

  2. You ask whatever questions you’d like to ask on any area of your life.

  3. You receive answers that are usually quite specific.

  4. Information is presented exactly as it is received from the Record Keepers.

  5. Information is given only with compassion and love, and often with humor.

  6. You get to know your own higher perspective on the life you are living and the choices you have made.

  7. You get to make new choices if you decide to do so.

  8. The Consultant will summarize the information at the end of the session.

  9. All information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else.

What are the benefits of an Akashic Record Consultation?

The loving energy of the Akashic Records and the Record Keepers allows you the freedom to choose Grace in all things.  You are given the opportunity to make new decisions that will bring about changes in your life. 

As a result of your session you may

  1. Experience increased self-awareness and alignment with God/Spirit/Source.

  2. Learn about areas in your life where you feel stuck.

  3. Learn what is holding you back and how to move yourself forward.

  4. Learn how to align yourself more fully with your true path.

  5. Discover the next steps that will move you forward on your path.

  6. Begin making changes you have chosen to make.

  7. Transform emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and limiting choices.

  8. Give up stress and struggle, and become filled with Peace.

  9. Experience more Love, Grace, and Joy in your daily life

  10. Feel more in charge of your life.

How frequently can I have a consultation with the Record Keepers?

Consultations are usually done every 6 months to a year.  However, if you want a follow-up session sooner than that, Nedda is open to working with you based on your unique situation.

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"Last month I had an Akashic Record consultation and it literally changed my life.  With Nedda’s help, I was able to clearly ask those questions that would help me to move forward.  The information that I received gave me both hope and relief but it wasn't until a few days later that I realized that my entire outlook had been impacted.  I felt lighter, happier and more hopeful.  The shift for me was subtle but it was unmistakable and I continue to find comfort in the information that I received.  I would not hesitate to recommend an Akashic Record Consultation from Nedda if you are ready to make changes in your Life."

Muffy Williams

Ballston Lake, NY


"I want to thank you so much for connecting me with my Record Keepers.  The information you helped me access was so valuable for me, and truly helpful."

Vicki Barish

North York, ON, Canada


“I was looking for clarity about a number of business and life issues.  Nedda provided clear and honest responses from the Akashic Records that gave me instant validation and relief.  I learned a number of new things that opened my awareness of my current situation. Over 2 months later, I continue to use the consultation as a touchstone in a number of areas of my life on a regular basis.  It is definitely helping me to grow and expand what is possible for me.  Thank you for such a powerful and helpful experience, Nedda!!”

   Dan Hanneman “The BlockBuster” www.spiritualrockstar.com


"When I scheduled my Akashic Record session I was hoping for clarity into my family life and life purpose.  I know now that I am to work on myself and that will change everything - just realizing this changed everything.  I discovered that my own limiting beliefs affect my relationship with my husband.  Nedda told me things that my husband had just complained about days earlier.  Only her words made me understand clearly the underlying issues.  Then she gave me some tools to start aligning with my heart center.  I already feel a difference in my attitude and I am very happy for it.  My consultation could not have been better."

Toni Allocco, Bernardsville, NJ



I want to thank you for the Akashic Record reading on January 24th. I felt it was a very powerful and healing session at the time, but in retrospect I can see that the impact has been to fundamentally change my my interaction with my father so that I can come from from a place of peace and compassion. There has even been some spillover in similar patterns of reaction with my husband. It took me a while to realize that the difference was me, and was real and so far, at least, lasting :) Thank you, thank you. I suspect this was one issue I needed to address before I could go further."

Brenda C., IL

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