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Energy Healing works at a distance to

assist your recovery from

physical illness, injury, and surgery.


Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healing™

supports and strengthens
your body's own natural abilities to heal.


 It clears blockages and

provides additional life force energy

(chi, ki, or prana)

required for rebalancing and recovery.


It brings Divine Love,
the most powerful energy in the universe,
to your most challenging health issues.


When balance and harmony are restored
your body can more easily heal itself.

It assists with your spiritual transformation
to higher planes of Consciousness.

When you support and strengthen your body,

your body can support your Spiritual Process!


Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healing™ TOPICS

About Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healing™

Benefits of a Session

Prepare for Your Session

During, and After Your Session




Nedda Wittels is not a physician or psychotherapist.
These services do not constitute diagnose or treatment of physical, emotional, or mental illness.
When there is serious illness, injury, or mental/emotional problems, a physician of your choice should be consulted.  These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.


About Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healing™

Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healing is a form of hands-on healing, a very ancient art known to healers and shamans around the world.

Sessions are done from a distance.

At the time of the energy healing session, the person receiving the session may be resting quietly or may be on the phone with Nedda for all or part of the session.

All of your 7 energy bodies are appropriately included in the energy healing session.  For example, if the Etheric template for the physical body has been damaged, energetically repairing it may be necessary to facilitate recovery of injured physical body parts.

Before your first Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healing session:

Nedda will gather information from you about your health situation.

This information is used by Nedda and her spiritual healing teams, in consultation with your I Am Presence, to determine the best way to assist you in your individual situation.

Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healing is not in conflict with other forms of healing, and it is advisable for you to be under a Doctor's care if you are seriously ill.

At the start of a session, Nedda calls in:


Her own I Am Presence and Your I Am Presence.


Her own personal guides and your personal guides.


Advanced healing teams from the highest order of Light and Love, multidimensional healers many of whom are specialists in specific areas and who can call upon other healing specialists as appropriate.  These teams are in spirit and available to assist.


Your body elemental, the 6th dimensional being responsible for caring for your physical form.


Ascended Masters and angelic healers.

What takes place during an energy healing session
happens only with your permission
with input from:
your I Am Presence,
your personal guides,
body elemental,
and you.

A variety of energy healing techniques may be used.

A complete list of what can be addressed during an Intuitive Multidimensional Healing session is impossible to provide.  Each person's situation is different, and all work is directed by Higher Guidance during the session.

Some of the energy techniques that may be used during your session:


Aura Cleansing - an energetic clearing of all your higher frequency bodies in your auric field.


Brain balancing - to improve communication between all parts of your brain.  This includes energetically clearing and repairing the corpus callosum which connects the two brain hemispheres.


Chakra Clearing - assists in the repair, rebuilding, and integration of the primary chakra system, which energetically feeds all the bodies.


Repair of chakras of a particular organ, gland, or other tissue or joint.


Clearing/cleansing of a particular organ, gland, or other tissue.


Sealing of energy leaks.


Releasing emotional and mental blocks that may be interfering with healing.


Unwinding to release inappropriate vibrational patterns locked into the physical tissues so the natural vibrational pattern can be restored.  Even an individual cell can be unwound.


Setting and installing your personal intentions for healing, as well as for reduction and elimination of discomfort.


Repairing the etheric holographic template for the physical body.


Restoration of the Adam-Kadman Divine Blueprint.


Improved energetic and telepathic communication among body parts and various body systems, such as the immune system, the glandular system, the digestive system, the nervous system, and so forth.


Filling in with Divine Love for all parts of your bodies that are ready to receive and integrate it.


Releasing blocks to communication between you and your I Am Presence.


The goal of Intuitive Multidimensional Healing is to provided assistance for the physical and other bodies to use their Divinely given natural healing abilities.

Your free will, Soul Contract, and Spiritual Goals for this lifetime will not be violated.

There is no guarantee or promise that
anyone will recovery fully or even partially

Sometime very sick people heal at the spiritual level and
then leave their physical bodies and return to the spirit realm.

While miraculous recoveries from physical ailments are possible, this is not expected or implied.

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Benefits of Intuitive Multidimensional Healing

With Intuitive Multidimensional Healing, you may experience some or all of these benefits, as well as other benefits not listed here:


Feeling increased relaxation and calm.


A reduction in your stress level.


A sense that your physical body is stronger or more able to cope with life's challenges.


A sense of well-being, comfort, integration, and wholeness.


Feeling more at home in your body.


Feeling more energized and more playful.


Feeling more balanced and more grounded.


Improved appetite; greater control over unwanted habits.


Increased interest in life.


Increased immune system function.


Decreased discomfort and distress.


Faster or more complete recovery from illness, injuries, or surgery.


A feeling of greater alignment with your I Am Presence.


An opening to receive more Divine Love.


A sense of greater connections with the Divine or with your I Am Presence.


A feeling of greater alignment with your spiritual path.

Distance is not a limitation.
Healing energy can be sent and received anywhere instantaneously.
It can also be sent forward and backward in time when appropriate.

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Prepare for Your Session

Before your first session

Complete the First Session Form.

When you SUBMIT the form, your information will automatically be sent to Nedda and you'll be taken to the place to make your payment.

Intuitive MDH First-Time Session Form

To make each session more effective

Decide on your focus for the session.  Make a list of whatever you would like to see addressed in that particular session.  We will speak briefly at the start of each session so that you can tell me what you are choosing as the focus for the session.


Setting intentions at the start of each session also helps you stay in charge of your own healing process and guides Nedda and the healing teams to proceed without violating your free will.

All personal information is held in complete confidence!

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During and After Your Session

During Your Session

A session can be up to about 1 hour in length.

It is recommended that you be lying down in a restful, peaceful environment during the session.  Turn off your cell phone, radio, and anything else that might interrupt.  It's ok to play quiet, restful relaxing, music.

Set aside time afterwards for your body to rest and integrate the energy shifts.

After Your Session

Drink plenty of plain, unflavored water. 


Your weight divided by 2 = the number of ounces of water to drink.

This will help your body flush out any toxins that it may release after a healing.

Soaking in Epsom Salts may also be helpful.

If you have any concerns about how you are feeling, contact Nedda:

Integration of the energy shifts can take one to several days.  The exact amount of time will vary with the individual and the work that is done.

What you feel or sense during and after a session will be determined by your individual level of body awareness and sensitivity.

You may or may not feel or notice any changes if you tend not to be tuned into your body.

It is entirely up to your body how much it will release of inappropriate energies and how much it will take in of the life force and Divine Love offered to it.

It is also entirely up to your body on how it chooses to use the energies it receives.

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