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Awakening to New Earth:

Accepting Your

Spiritual Mastery



If you are reading this page,

you have arrived on New Earth!

Scroll down to play the

free introductory recording.


Course Schedule and Payment


The energies of 2020 are already here.


Mother Earth is already in 5-D awaiting your
commitment and participation.

As a Spiritual Master,

YOU are in charge of your own Ascension experience.

You are remembering your mastery.
The higher frequencies are calling your memories forth.


In this 3-part course,
you will be assisted in remembering your True Self and
how to live as a 5th Dimensional Being.


There will be guided meditations to bring you into
heightened awareness.


A few of the topics we'll discuss are:

~ What Ascension is.

~ What's happening now.
~ Why you feel the way you do;
~ Some ways to shift from lower frequencies to higher ones.

~ Some ways to assist your physical body to adapt.
~ How to live on
New Earth more consistently.

Free Introductory Teleclass Recording


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Awakening to New Earth

3 Saturdays
Nov 30, Dec 7 and Dec 14, 2019.
11 a.m. to noon or so, Eastern Time.

World Time Buddy
(Use New York City for Eastern Time)

 All classes will be recorded
for playback.


TO REGISTER for the series,

After you make your payment, you'll be taken to
a page to complete your registration.

Only $45 USD.



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