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Transforming Your Inner State

Transform your inner state.

Change your Consciousness - Change your Life.

Saturdays, DATES to be announced.
10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or so, EST.

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All classes will be recorded.


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< > Becoming Abundance:  Course Description

Would you like to become ABUNDANCE?

How do you answer these questions:

  1. Are you ready to live an abundant, prosperous life filled with loving relationships, fun experiences, joy, and personal satisfaction?
    or no?

  2. Are you willing to look within to find where you've been resisting abundance, beauty, love, and prosperity in your life?
    or no?

  3. Would you like to discover how to anchor the state of Abundance inside you so that you are in the flow of Abundance on a regular basis?
    or no?

This course is not about manifesting.


This course is about
shifting your inner state into


When your inner state is ABUNDANCE
all you desire flows directly to you.


The shift won't happen in an instant.

As you apply the teachings of this program

on a regular daily basis, you WILL shift.


Once your inner state has shifted
all your experiences on the outside
will reflect that inner state back to you.

When you're in a state of Abundance, you'll receive abundantly, despite what seems to be happening in the world around you.


With a bit of effort, you can make
Abundance your permanent state of being.

Becoming Abundance consists of 3 teleclasses during which you will:

  1. Begin the shift to Abundance Consciousness as a state of being.

  2. Experience guided exercises and meditations to help you discover how you may be resisting Abundance in your life.

  3. Learn ways to move through resistance to Abundance.

  4. Learn the steps to maintaining Abundance Consciousness when you go into fear of scarcity.

  5. Discover how to look for signs of Abundance already manifesting in your life.  They're everywhere when you know how to identify them.

  6. Realize that Abundance goes far beyond having money or a lot of physical objects.

  7. And much more ....

< > Becoming Abundance:  Benefits


  •  BEGIN the TRANSFORMATION from poverty consciousness to Abundance Consciousness.

  •  IDENTIFY limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in poverty consciousness.

  •  EXPLORE how your fears of Abundance and old ways of thinking keep you in lack and limitation.

  •  LEARN 3 step-by-step processes that will assist you to make a permanent shift into alignment and resonance with Abundance.

  •  EXPERIENCE exercises and guided meditations to help you establish a permanent residence in the flow of Abundance and help Abundance become your permanent state of being.

< > Becoming Abundance:  Invest in Yourself

 All classes will be recorded.
Participants will be able to download mp3 recordings
for playback on any mp3 device.
There will be PDF reports outlining the key steps to
assist your shift into Abundance.

Saturdays, DATES FOR 2016
10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (or so) EST

Only $57 for this powerful series.
Refunds are not available.

Invest in Becoming Abundance.

After you invest, you'll be taken to
a page to complete your registration.


< > Becoming Abundance:  Testimonials

Sandra Ruzicka, Connecticut, says,

I signed up for Becoming Abundance because the topic resonated with me, it was a short duration, and it was affordable.  It came as I was in the midst of negatives, feeling quite diminished by my lifetime choices.

So as a result, what? I'm out of the negative, hurray, hurray!  I'm remembering to be open, to trust, to remember to ride the abundance flow, lower the gates impeding the flow, and to let the good times roll. I'm playing a new game.


Cathy Priestley, UK says,

If you feel stuck and are loosing heart about ever really changing your reality, then give this course a go! You will get the experience of sharing without being judged, and really useful tools and tips to bring in to your everyday life so you can begin to change and move out of fear into the flow of abundance. The course is well structured and easy to follow. You can go back to it later with the notes and recordings of the sessions. It is great value for money!


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