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Educational Programs

REGISTER HERE for the FREE series,

"Your Heart Knows the Way Home"


A free monthly teleseries of healing meditations
and expansion experiences to assist in your
physical and spiritual transformation
into a 5th Dimensional Being.


Recordings of earlier sessions on the chakras
are available for listening and purchase.


Teleclass Schedule

Jul 23  (more dates will be announced)

7 p.m. Eastern Time.

- 30 to 60 minutes.





Spiritual Ascension is far from an easy experience.


Get help to navigate the path of transformation.


In your very own Sacred Heart Space
lives your Divine Self, waiting to assist you.


Access and receive
the blessings of your Heart.





Register below.

You must give CONSENT to
receive notices of dates and times
for these events.


All calls will be recorded for online listening.
Access to the calls and the recordings
requires registration.


You'll get an email requesting confirmation
and you must CONFIRM to join the list.




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