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TWA - Animal Communication
Coaching Program

Nedda and Echo having a chat.

The animals are calling you to learn
the language of the heart.
Learn 2-way telepathic communication with animals.

Listen to "A Taste of TWA"

Experience an expansion exercise and

a conversation with your animal.

TWA course not scheduled at this time.


TWA Program Features

TWA Benefits

TWA Schedule

TWA Payment Plans

TWA Registration


Is this the Animal Communication Teleseries
you've been looking for?

Are you ready to be fluent in telepathic communication?

Are your animals hinting that it's time for you to communicate telepathically with them?

  •  Does your dog bark and bark, trying to tell you something?

  •  What is your cat saying when she looks into your eyes and blinks?

  •  Has your bird been pulling on things to get your attention?

  •  Did your Betta Fish blow bubbles trying to get you to play?

  •  Do you get intuitions about your horse, even when you aren't at the barn?

Animals are all telepathic - AND YOU ARE TOO!! 

Your animals want to communicate telepathically with you, but you may have forgotten how.  You were telepathic as a baby and as a small child, but you stopped using this ability consciously.  You are still telepathic today, but like any skill, you must use it or it weakens and fades.

Telepathy is the language of all sentient (feeling) and
sapient (intelligent) beings in the universe. 

Your animals want you to remember this language.  They want to teach you to be telepathic again.  If you're already communicating with them, they want it to become as natural as breathing.

  •  Do you doubt your own abilities to receive accurate information from your animals?

  •  Do you dream about having conversations with your animals?

  •  Do you sometimes get intuitive messages about what animals need or want, but have been wishing you could get information when you asked for it?

  •  Do you wish you could ask them directly what they are feeling and thinking?

  •  Do you want to understand their perspective?

  •  Are you ready to expand your consciousness and your psychic abilities by reaching out to communicate with animals?

  •  Are you ready to develop your all your psychic abilities?

  •  Do you want to understand more about who you and your animals truly are?

TWA (Telepathy With Animals) is a program for people who are ready to

  •  Learn the natural language of animals and humans,

  •  Expand their consciousness,

  •  Explore the animal perspective, and

  •  Shift their relationship with animals to new levels of love, understanding, insight, and cooperation.

No one except a linguistic genius can learn a new language (or relearn an old one) in a single day or weekend.  Many of the people who have already taken this program had previously taken many other classes in Animal Communication.

What makes TWA different from ALL the other programs?

TWA propels you into fluency in telepathic communication.

Using many different powerful techniques and a variety of meditations and practices, Nedda Wittels guarantees that you will expand your telepathic abilities if you participate and follow her instructions in the TWA Animal Communication Coaching Program.

By the end of the TWA Program, you will:

  •  Be able to speak telepathically with animals with greater comfort and confidence.

  •  Get more accurate information from animals more consistently.

  •  Have moved through some limiting beliefs and other blocks to fluent telepathic communication.

  •  Learned techniques for continuing to improve your skills beyond the program itself.

  •  Have a record of your progress that you can look back upon for support and confirmation of your success as you continue to use the skills on your own.

  •  Have spoken with a variety of animals, including animals in the wild, insects, animals in spirit, and your own animal family members.

  •  Be part of a group of people who can continue to support each other's practice beyond this program.

  •  Have had a terrific time and a great deal of FUN as your abilities grow.

TWA Program Features

TWA consists of:

  •  A 1 hour organizational meeting.  Due to an increase in international interest in this course, the contents of this meeting will be included in the first Teleclass on Saturday Morning.  Some restructuring of content will result, but nothing will be lost!

  •  Six (6) group 2-hour teleclass sessions

  •  Three (3) group 2-hour Q&A sessions

  •  One (1) private 1-hour session with Nedda to help you break through limitations and other barriers to the flow of your communication with animals.

  •  A complete set of MP3 recordings of all the classes, Q&A sessions, and your private sessions that you can download, keep, and replay whenever you choose.

  •  An egroup for all participants where you will be able to share experiences and support each other through the program.

  •  A journaling process through which you will record your experiences communicating with animals during the program.

  •  A photo album of all participants and animal teachers.

The Animal Faculty:

Nedda's animal family are the Senior Animal Faculty for this program.

In addition, each participant must have at least one animal in physical from their own animal family to work with during the program.  (If you don't currently have an animal family member, please contact me to discuss other options.)  You will be given instructions on how to invite your animals to participate.  Animals in spirit and animals in the wild with whom you have a connection are also welcome.

Photographs are required so that participants can easily work with each other's animal family members as part of the program.  Each participant sends me a photo of each participating "teacher" animal with some minimal information about that animal.  I will create an "album" to share with all participants so that everyone will have access to the photos.

TWA Program Benefits

In TWA, you will learn:

  •  7 different techniques for making the telepathic connection, including how to make a permanent, mutually agreed upon telepathic link with an animal.

  •  What your current ways of receiving are and how to expand beyond them.

  •  How the power of imagination can be harnessed to improve your receptivity.

  •  A technique guaranteed to quiet your mind so you can improve your listening.

  •  How to developing good questions to expand your conversational skills with animals.

  •  How to do body scans of your own body and for animals so you can be clear about what is your "stuff" and what belongs to the animal.

  •  To develop a partnership with your inner child, to whom telepathic communication is natural, joyful, and a playful activity.

  •  A technique that can be used to break through all limitations to achieving telepathic fluency.

  •  How to keep a journal of your conversations and how to use that journal to empower your success.

  •   . . . and MUCH MORE!!


TWA accelerates you forward into deeper connections with yourself
and with the animal kingdoms.

There are no Pre-requisites for TWA

It is recommended that you take 1 basic Animal Communication
workshop before taking TWA.

Beginners, intermediate, and advanced students
all benefit from TWA.

TWA Payment Plans



TWA will bring JOY and EXCITEMENT
to you and your animals as your communication expands exponentially!

Each group teleclass and Q&A session is 2 hours.
A total group class time of 16 hours.
You get1 private 1-hour session with Nedda
to move you through your blocks!

Invest in TWA and invest in yourself.

ONLY $757 for the premier
course in Animal Communication.

YOU SAVE $50 when you pay in full.

$357 is a non-refundable deposit.
NO REFUNDS will be given after [date to be announced]

TWA PAY-IN-FULL only $757


Need an Installment Plan?

TWA INSTALLMENT Plan only - $807

Pay $357 non-refundable deposit
2 installment of $235 each.

NO REFUNDS will be given after [date to be announced].

Deposit due:   [to be announced for 2016.]
Installment #1 Due:  [to be announced for 2016.]
Installment #2 Due:  [to be announced for 2016.]

Payment Schedule

 TWA Registration


When you register you are making a commitment to the full program
This is because new people cannot be added after the first week.

  1. Right click to download.
    1. TWA Registration Form (MSWORD)
    2. TWA Registration Form (PDF)
    3. Instructions for "Inviting Your Animals to Participate"
  2. DUE [date to be announced] - Completed the Registration Form.
    email to Nedda at neddaw@sbcglobal.net
    (Snail mail address is at the top left of this page.)
  3. Invite your animals to participate in the program using the instruction sheet you downloaded in item #1.
  4. DUE [date to be announced] - Emailed photos for the TWA Album.
    Please send all photos as attachments.
    1. 1 photo of YOU
    2. 1 photo of each of your animal who agrees to teach.   (See " Inviting Your Animals to Participate." in item 1 in this list.)

Registering "last minute"?
Email Nedda at
so she knows
to give you a little more time
to send in the registration
and payment.


TWA Program Schedule

Download the 2016 Schedule Details.

The schedule for 2016 has not yet been established.
Please join my mailing list so you can receive notification
when TWA is scheduled.

Organization Meeting, Friday, Sept 5, 7-8 p.m. ET
First teleclass,
Saturday, Sept 6, 10-12 a.m. ET
Last teleclass, the Celebration,
Saturday, Nov 22, 10-12 a.m. ET

All group teleclasses are Saturday mornings, 10-12 a.m. ET
Private sessions are arranged individually to fit your schedule.

For help with time differences: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Every class is recorded.
You have full access to download, keep, play, and practice with the recordings

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Ali McMorran, UK, says:

"This course is unique.  I'm so pleased I decided to make the commitment to do it.  It is one of the most enjoyable commitments I've made to date.  Excuse my enthusiasm, but having now completed the course I've reached the conclusion this is the most effective way of either developing your skills, or if you are starting from scratch. then count yourself lucky this is the first place you came to learn.

The quality and skill of teaching, knowledge, commitment, interaction, and maturity Nedda radiates has an incredible and rare balance to it. Be prepared to come out of this with more than animal communication skills! Feel truly empowered. Enjoy and have fun. I certainly did."


Jeannine L., France, says:

"In spite of having attended several 2 to 4 day workshops for some years, I was experiencing blockages and was getting discouraged.   [With the]... TWA program ... not only was I able to practice for 3 months with different animals, which dramatically improved my communication capacity, but thanks to Nedda's great support and valuable teaching that went far beyond what I had experienced before during the other workshops I attended, I have significantly expanded my psychic capacity while having support from and fun with the rest of the group attendees. Thank you, Nedda."


Melissa Huebner, WIsconsin, says:

"I want to tell you how grateful I am to you for the TWA course.  It is exactly what I was looking for and I am so fortunate to be a part of it.  You are an excellent guide and teacher."


Ellen Meyer, Connecticut, says:

"The experience of the TWA course was truly life changing. Talking to animals had been a lifelong dream for me. . . . When I actually started getting confirmations of details and information gathered during conversations-it blew me away.

Nedda gives you the tools, concepts and answers you need, and guides you just enough to spread your wings and begin flying. She then encourages each individual to develop their own style, as they build confidence through practice during the course."


Glen Darlow, Ontario, Canada, says:

Thank you for such a remarkable TWA course. I am more "fluid" in being able to communicate with living beings. Getting all those confirmations made a whole lot of difference, too.


Ellie Gillespie, Connecticut, says:

It is rare in this day and age that an experience lives up to one's expectations. Especially when it deals with life long dreams.  The "Telepathy with Animals" class that I took with you left those dreams on the launching pad as we sailed joyfully into the cosmos.

I know that my life has changed, my goals have changed, my perception, awareness and openness have changed. My relationships with my dear animal friends have intensified and my respect for them and all beings, that I thought considerable before the class, has grown exponentially.


Paulinka de Rochemont, Rhode Island, says:

TWA has made all the difference in the world. Not only did I need the structure to practice my animal communications, I needed to confront my issues of fear and self-doubt.

The private sessions with Nedda were absolutely priceless in addressing these issues and doing some serious healing. Thanks to all the work I can finally do communications consistently and without talking myself out of them.

The results have been awesome and inspiring, full of surprises and sometimes a lot of fun, bringing so much joy and love into my life.  Thank you again.


Faun Fenderson, Louisiana, says:

Today I was asked to speak with a friend's cat in Spain - after I sent her an email detailing the conversation with the cat, she phoned me, totally delighted that I had explained what was going on with the cat! This was my first real "outside of the class" experience - and I received verification! The TWA course has been a very important part of my journey along life's path!


Leslie Russell, Vermont, says:

"The TWA class not only gave me the confidence to communicate effectively with animals, it changed my life. My heart now knows that it needs to stay open to enjoy life to the fullest. The animals and humans alike were amazing and supportive during the class. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Amy Schmeling, Florida, says:

I had taken an animal communication course in the past, and was looking to not only expand my skills, but open my mind and heart to all possibilities. The course exceeded my expectations! I was able to learn additional animal communication techniques, but equality as important I was able to gain information to help me start working through blockages. This is an exciting path to self discovery for me, and I am grateful to Nedda for her incredible wisdom and support.

Animal Faculty Testimonial

Thunder, canine in spirit, through Glen Darlow, Ontario:  

"The TWA course was "out of this world" - you have to do it to understand what this means! To be able to connect with loved ones is a true blessing."


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