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Telepathy With Animals - Basic Principles

is the Animal Communication home study course

designed with YOU in mind.

  •  Have you always wanted to take an Animal Communication class but never found the time?

  •  Have you studied Animal Communication, but still doubt your own abilities?

  •  Have you taken many Animal Communication courses, but find it hard to organize your practice on your own?

  •  Do you want to strengthen your communication with animals?

  •  Would you like to receive a steady stream of telepathic messages?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then

Telepathy With Animal - Basic Principles

is the home study course for you.

Here's why:

  •  LEARN from the experts - your own animal family! They are specialists in telepathic communication, as well as specialists in YOU.

  •  MASTER Nedda's proven Heart-to-Heart technique. This technique works every time to create a stronger telepathic connection between you and your animals.

  •  CREATE your own practice schedule.

  •  PRACTICE at your own pace - no deadlines to meet - no schedule of calls to follow.

  •  ENJOY the guidance offered by Nedda, who has been communicating with animals since a young child and who knows how to create structures designed to help you expand your abilities.

  •  INCREASE your telepathic fluency.

  •  SAVE money and time - no need to travel; no hotel expenses such as those for a workshop; no waiting around in airports for connections to your destination.

  •  RECEIVE, download, print out, and use the TWA-BP Manual of tips, guide sheets, practice sheets, and instructions. You can read them, make photocopies, and use them over and over again.

  •  RECEIVE, download, and play the MP3 recordings in which Nedda explains how to use the manual, how to apply the tips, and how to use the Heart-to-Heart technique.

  •  PLAY the recordings over and over again to help you fully integrate the information.

  •  PRACTICE ANYWHERE.  Take the MP3 recordings with you on vacation, on business trips, and on holidays.  Use any device that can plan an MP3 recording. Distance is no obstacle to telepathic communication. You can practice communicating with your animals anywhere, at any time you choose.

Get a head start on learning telepathy with animals,

Open up your psychic abilities.


Telepathy With Animal - Basic Principles

Valued at $247.

Available for only $97.


For your investment, you will receive:

  •  The TWA-BP Manual of instructions filled with

    • information,

    • tips,

    • guide sheets, and

    • practice sheets.

  •  4 TWA-BP Recordings (mp3 format) to use with the Manual.

    • TWA-BP Introductory Talk Recording

    • TWA-BP Penelope's Tips Recording

    • TWA-BP Heart-to-Heart Technique Recording

    • TWA-BP 10 Additional Practice Tips Recording


----------- !! 2 FREE BONUSES !! ----------

  1.  Penelope Smith's time-tested "Tips to Enhanced Telepathic Communication" written in Penelope's own words.

  2.  "Spiritual Operation Technique" - Nedda learned this technique from one of her healing teachers, Madeline Bombetto.  A "Spiritual Operation" is simple and easy to do.  Just follow the instructions in the PDF.  Nedda used it herself when she first became an Animal Communicator Professional to help her quickly expand her own psychic abilities.

---  !!  ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS !!  ---


  1. MP3 recording of a Q&A call where Nedda answered questions raised by others who have taken this program.




I have one more gift for you!


This is a one-time offer!


In addition to the free bonuses, you can

invest in a private Animal Communication coaching session.

at special rates.
Use this session to ask questions and get feedback
about your TWA-BP practice


one 30-minute private coaching session for $70.

-- OR --

one 60 minute private coaching session for $135.


 To get these special rates,

 you must purchase the private sessions

 when you purchase the TWA-BP program.





Get the TWA-BP program now.

Expand your telepathic abilities.

Your animals are waiting to talk with you!


TWA-Basic Principles is only  $97

 Include a 30 minute session of private AC coaching @ $60*,
for a total of only $157

Include a 60 minute session of private AC coaching @ $100*
for a total of only $197 -

Save $40 on the private hour session.




 NO Refunds will be given for this purchase.

Downloadable files cannot be returned.

Thank you for your consideration.

INVEST in your Animal Communication skills.

Choose from 3 options when you purchase the
 TWA-Basic Principles PROGRAM.

When your payment goes through, you'll be taken
directly to the page with all the files for this program.

If you have any questions contact Nedda at



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