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"Your Animals Are Talking to You
Are you Listening?"


Do you dream of being fluent in
telepathic Animal Communication?

Are you just getting started listening to animals?

Do you need a review of basics?

Are you ready to go deeper?

Learning Animal Communication is about:

  1. EXPERIENCING conversations with animals

  2. DISCOVERING your unique style of telepathic communication.

  3. HAVING FUN as you and the animal become acquainted.

Nedda and Echo, her teacher, have a chat.

The time is NOW!
This course is for YOU!

TWA-ICAN Communicate
(TWA = Telepathy with Animals)



Saturdays at 10 - noon or so, EST

Jan 23, 30; Feb 13, 20, and 27



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Animal Communication is for everyone.

Whether you are young or old, big or small, female or male, it doesn't matter.

What matters is:

  1. Do you want to know how to communicate with animals telepathically?

  2. Are you're willing to practice to develop the skill?

  3. Are you're ready to eliminate limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that can hold you back?

  4. Will you choose to develop TRUST in your own telepathic abilities with animals?

Your animals are ready to teach you.  Are you ready to learn?

TWA-ICAN Benefits

In just 5 sessions of TWA - I*CAN Communicate, you will

  •  LEARN 2 ways to make a telepathic link with an animal.

  •  PRACTICE telepathic conversations with several animals.

  •  EXPERIENCE MEDITATIONS designed to activate your pineal gland, activate your psychic DNA, and cleanse your chakras that support telepathic abilities.

  •  DISCOVER Penelope Smith's "Tips for Enhanced Telepathic Communication with Animals."

  •  ALIGN yourself energetically with positive attitudes, emotions, and beliefs that support your telepathic development.

  •  PARTICIPATE in a guided meditation called “Becoming an Animal”.

  •  CLEAR some emotional blocks around being telepathic with animals.

TWA-ICAN Features

TWA-ICAN consists of:

  •  5 group 90 minute teleclass sessions.

  •  A complete set of MP3 recordings of all the classes for you to download, keep, and replay whenever you choose.

  •  Written materials/handouts in PDF format.

  •  Opportunities to practice at home and get questions answered during class time.

  •  A PDF photo album of participants and the animal teachers (faculty) for this course.

  •  A journaling process to help you validate and expand your experiences.

  •  A private egroup for course participants to  share experiences, ask questions, and receive help between classes.


TWA-ICAN Schedule



Saturdays at 10 - noon or so, EST

Jan 23, 30; Feb 13, 20, and 27


Classes will be held on Zoom.
You can call in by phone or use your internet device/service.

Time zone differences?
Use New York City for Eastern Time.

Even if you can't attend all the classes live, every class is recorded in MP3 format.  You have full access to download, play, and practice.

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TWA-ICAN Invest and Register


This course is open to everyone.


Only $177 USD.


After making your payment,
you'll be invited to register for the class mailing list.

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