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Advanced Interspecies Telepathic Communication
* with thanks to Dr. Seuss

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Telepathy is the language of all
sentient (feeling) and sapient (intelligent) beings
in the universe.

Join me in this ground-breaking teleseries
Travel beyond the limits of your imagination.


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Restore Connection through
Advanced Interspecies Telepathic Communication

You've been communicating with animals, but now you hear the call to expand your psychic skills even more.  You're ready for the next level of expansion.

TWA - On Beyond Zebra is the course for you if you're ready to take your telepathic skills to new levels of love, understanding, insight, and cooperation. 

The Universe is filled with beings of Light who are ready to assist you to expand your consciousness and increase the ease and comfort in your communications with them.


TWA-OBZ Benefits

In TWA - On Beyond Zebra, you will

  •  EXPAND your consciousness to include awareness of beings who live in the 6th dimension.

  •  MEET and communicate with Mother Earth, nature spirits, elementals, and members of the other Earth Kingdoms.

  •  LEARN how to adjust your telepathic frequencies to become more receptive.

  •  DISCOVER how easy it is to communicate telepathically with other life forms in addition to animals.

  •  EXPERIENCE the joy of receiving important messages about the Earth, your garden, your business, your home, and your relationships.

  •  RECEIVE INSPIRING MESSAGES to assist you in your daily life and personal path.

  •  DEVELOP, EXPAND, and APPRECIATE your growing telepathic skills.

  •  GROW your SELF-CONFIDENCE in your psychic abilities.


By the end of TWA-OBZ,

  •  You will be able to speak telepathically with a wider variety of beings sharing the Earth with humanity.

  •  You will have made connections with a variety of beings from other realms/dimensional realities.

  •  You will have learned techniques for continuing to improve your skills.

  •  You will have a record of your progress that you can look back upon for support and confirmation of your success.

  •  You will be part of a group of people who can continue to support each other's practice beyond this program.

  •  You will have had expansive, fun experiences as your feeling and other psychic sense grow and develop.


TWA-OBZ Features

TWA-OBZ consists of:

  •  6 group 2-hour teleclass sessions.

  •  A complete set of MP3 recordings of all the classes that you can download, keep, and replay whenever you choose.

  •  Written materials/handouts in PDF format.

  •  An egroup for all participants to share experiences and support each other throughout the program.

  •  A journaling process to help you validate and expand your experiences.


TWA-OBZ Schedule

Saturdays, 10 a.m. to noon, or so, EDT.


For help figuring out time differences: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Even if you cannot be on all the live calls, every class is recorded.
You have full access to download, keep, play, and practice with the recordings.

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TWA-OBZ Registration


You must have completed either:

1- One Telepathy With Animals teleseries with Nedda Wittels
-- OR --
2- One other course or workshop in Animal Communication with another professional Animal Communicator.



Pay only $217.
-- or --
Pay $317 with 1 hour private coaching
in Animal/Nature Communication.
(SAVE $25 on the private session.)

On Beyond Zebra


After making your payment,
you'll be invited to register for
the class mailing list.


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