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Educational programs


Mirror, Mirror: Animal Reflections

Saturday, Jan 16, 2021

11 a.m. to noon, or so, EST

This program will be recorded for playback.


Do your animals look like you?

Do they mirror your behaviors?

Do they express feelings that you share, but wouldn't dare express yourself?

Do they have similar health issues?

Do they seem to mirror patterns you had earlier in your life?


What does it mean when your animal companions reflect your feelings, your health issues, your behaviors, your thoughts?

In this teleclass you will:

  •  DISCOVER some of the ways that you and an animal companion reflect each other.

  •  INCREASE your appreciation for an animal companionís qualities that you might have been critical of in the past.

  •  EXPERIENCE an exercise where you ask your animal to help you understand one aspect of the reflection.

  •  LEARN a technique to expand your love of your animal friend even when the ways you are similar feel difficult for you.

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