Age of Ascension

Top 3 Challenges to Living in Your Heart Center

In 2009, I asked my online community to share what they felt were their top 3 challenges to living in their heart center. These were the 3 challenges... 

Unity Consciousness Is Here Now.

It’s time to live in unity with your Divine Self. It’s time to shift your intentions. The Ascension energies are now supporting you to shift... 

A New Year, A New You!

Your Transformation Is Happening Right Now. In this time of spiritual transformation, you are being changed at the deepest levels of your being. Your... 

Do animals feel pain and emotions?

The UK Parliament Says “No.” What does this mirror within us? This limiting belief that animals feel no pain or emotions still seems to... 

Just How Grateful Can You Be?

This is the season for Gratitude. It’s easy to be thankful, to feel gratitude, for things we receive that we recognize immediately as gifts. Can... 

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Animals and Nature Kingdoms

Tips for Litter Box Management

Meeting Simple Feline Standards Would this box be large enough for a family of 2 or  3 cats? Because cats really do care about the location, size, smell,... 

Animal Communication Can Help Traumatized Animals

Any animal might experience trauma. Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev   You can’t tell just by looking at a cat or dog, but PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress... 

Is Animal Communication a Spiritual Path?

Echo.  She’s forever with me.  How blessed I am! The first time I heard someone say that animal communication was a spiritual path, I was startled... 

Do You Intuitively Know What Your Animal Is Feeling?

Intuition Is Part of Animal Communication. Intuition often appears as a feeling or knowing or an awareness about something. Many people receive telepathically... 

Delusions of Spring

Melissa, “I’m so bored!” While Starlight sleeps, Melissa yawns and complains that the weather has been too cold. It may be different... 

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Energy Healing Systems

A Basic Principle of Healing: “First, Do No Harm.”

Greek physician Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC) author of the Hippocratic Oath for Doctors.* The Greek healer, Hippocrates, set the first standards for medicine in the form of the Hippocratic Oath. A basic principle of that oath was “First do no harm.” This ethic is meant to be the guide for whatever intervention a physician or healer... [Read more of this post]

Self-Love: How do I love me?

Learning to love myself … seemed like a strange thing to do, at first.  Then I discovered that the old saying is true: You can’t really love someone else if you don’t love yourself. If my pot of love is empty, I have no love to offer another. If my pot of love is partially filled, then giving away what’s there leaves me empty,... [Read more of this post]

How to Make Affirmations More Effective.

When you SUCCESSFULLY replace negative self-talk with POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS, your life shifts. The challenge is to actually make it happen. Many negative beliefs you have about yourself get established in childhood. They become deeply embedded in your psyche, emotions, and even in  your physical body. They become tightly woven into your overall... [Read more of this post]

What Makes an Energy Healer Powerful?

The quality of  her consciousness. A healer is powerful when he or she: Is a clear open channel for healing energies. Has clearly focused intention. Is grounded. Is open to infinite possibilities. Is heart-centered. Is filled with integrity. Let’s explore these qualities together. A powerful healer is a clear open channel for healing energies. To... [Read more of this post]

Happy New Year to Me.

Each birthday begins a new year of you life. Celebrate that new year! So today is actually my birthday, and I’m celebrating it as a personal start of a new year. This year I feel drawn to open to new possibilities and new ways of being. I’ve been guided to understand this morning that birthdays represent pivotal points in our lives.  ... [Read more of this post]

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