Are You Living in “ScareCity”

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That’s pronounced “scare city”. 

I have always been interested in where words come from and how they are related and how this affects their true meaning.  It occurred to me a day or so ago that the words “to scare” and “scarcity” have the same root.  This got me thinking.

To scare means to frighten. One dictionary definition of SCARE is: “a sudden fright or alarm, esp. with little or no reason“.   Hmm.   Read that again, folks, and notice the part in red.   Fears can be groundless.

Now, let us consider the word SCARCITY, which means “insufficiency or shortness of supply“. But actually, I think it means FEAR OF an insufficiency or shortness of supply when you examine the root word, SCARE.

So, why is everyone so afraid right now? Is there really a shortage of anything in our lives? Or have we been programmed to think that this planet is incapable of providing all that we need for all of humanity all over the Earth?  Maybe people in some parts of the world are starving because others are purposely keeping food from them?  Maybe the greedy ones are creating a false scarcity to keep people in fear?

I believe that the Earth is capable of supporting every single being who lives here with all that they need to survive in ABUNDANCE. There is plenty of oil. There is plenty of food. There is plenty of EVERYTHING!

We have been programmed to believe that if you or I have enough, someone else must live in lackTHIS IS A LIE.

When we are afraid, many of us contract – literally. We pull in our energies and try to be smaller, like a prey animal hiding from a predator.   We try to be invisible by shrinking.   At the same time, out body produces hormones that reduce our ability to think clearly.  Our focus is on fight or flight (hide is part of flight).

TODAY, try something different. Put aside your fears and try living in LOVE. Love exists in abundance.  It is limitless and expansive.  When we feel Love, we produce different hormones that allow us to expand and be creative. We literally sit up straighter and our energy field expands and we thus grow larger. We become more creative because our brain functions more clearly.  When we connct with Love different hormones are being produced and this enables our thinking processes to not only improve, but to peak.

Move out of “ScareCity” and move into “Love City”. Love conquers fear every time. Give it a try.

Today, decide to LOVE YOURSELF and to send Love to everyone you meet, even if they challenge you in some way and try to give you some of their fear.  You don’t have to accept their gift of Fear.  BE THE LOVE.

Love and Light,


4 Responses to “Are You Living in “ScareCity””
  1. Nedda says:

    Hi, Meenakshi,

    I appreciate your comments. I hoped my message would be calming, so it is good to hear that your felt that way about it. Do come again.


  2. Meenakshi says:

    Thanks to Nell for telling us about your blog. Great to see the calming of energies that your blog brings, Nedda. Thank you!

  3. Nell says:

    Dear Netta,

    Thank you for taking on blogging again. It is so refreshing to come accross truth as you describe in your blog. Love the play on words too.
    Mind you, when SCARED, all we have to do is put our perspective in a different order. More like a divine order. Looking and listening within, changing the focus on what is – rather then what is not. Appreciating what is, noticing resources that are right here – which can otherwise easily be taken for granted. Then lo and behold, we arrive at what we hold SACRED in life. Same letters, different order. See, I reside in Love City too. Location, location, location, as many have been taught in marketing classes – is key!

    In Loving Light,
    Nell 😉

  4. Karen N says:

    Incredible blog! Thank you.