“Who Am I?” The Riddle Unravelled.

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If you took the time to play the game, you probably came up with some interesting answers.  I played along with you here on my computer.  And I invited my “I AM PRESENCE”, the highest vibrational aspect of who “I AM” to comment on my replies.  Perhaps you had an inner conversation that went something like this, too.



My Answer

“I Am Presence” Replies


1_ Who am I?

Nedda Wittels

No, that’s just your name in this lifetime.


2_ Who am I?

Daughter of . . ., sister of . . . .

No, that’s just your relationships. 


3_ Who am I?

Teacher, computer analyst, animal communicator

No, that’s just your job/profession.


4_ Who am I?

A human being

No, that’s just your physical form, your body computer, your species.


5_ Who am I?

An American

No, that’s just your nationality.


6_ Who am I?

A Terran or Earther.

No, that’s just the planet you live on right now.


7_ Who am I?

A member of xyz organization.

No, that’s just a group of people you affiliate with from time to time.


8_ Who am I?


No, that’s just an ethnic origin for this lifetime.


9_ Who am I?

Christian, Hindu, etc.

No, that’s just a set of beliefs someone else taught you to control your mind and your behaviors.


Now finding an answer is starting to get a bit harder.  What is the point of asking myself the same question over and over again, you may be wondering?  Well, maybe it’s time to delve deeper into yourself to find answers.


10_ Who am I?

A sinner.

No, that’s a lie told by the controllers who want you to obey them.  If you believe you are a sinner, you will never remember how powerful you are and you are unlikely to take back your power.


11_ Who am I?

A child of God.

A “child,” huh?  When will you be ready to grow up in relationship to the Divine?  When will you be ready to acknowledge your power and take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and deeds?


12_ Who am I?

A creation of God.

Consider that you are an expression of God, an aspect of God that is never separate from God.  God may have created you, but you are part of God.


13_ Who am I?

An aspect of God?

Yes.  A direct expression that is not separate is an aspect of God.


14_ Who am I?

How can I be an aspect of God?

You are conscious, are you not?  God is, at the very essence, consciousness.   And Love.


15_ Who am I?

I am Consciousness?

Yes.  You are eternal.


16_ Who am I?

I am eternal?

Yes.  Your spirit leaves your body at the point of death, but only the body dies.  The spirit is what gives life to the body.  The spirit is eternal.


17_ Who am I?

Don’t I have to earn eternal life?

No, it is simply an aspect, a quality of consciousness, just like you arm is part of your physical body.


18_ Who am I?

If God is eternal and I am eternal, how am I different from God?

Good question.  Perhaps there is no difference.  Perhaps there is no separation.  Perhaps you have been living in an illusion.


19_ Who am I?

How do I break out of the illusion?



20_ Who am I?

I am the Divine God/Goddess/All That Is pretending for a time to live in this body, pretending to be Nedda Wittels having this life.



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