Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

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In Through the Looking-Glass, Lewis Carroll wrote about Alice’s adventures in a world that was topsy-turvy.  Our world feels a bit like that these days, don’t you think?  At one point in the story, Alice is talking to a chess piece called The White Queen:

Alice:  “One can’t believe impossible things.”

Queen:  “I daresay you haven’t had much practice. 
When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour
a day.  Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as
six impossible things before breakfast.”

While this may sound a bit like nonsense, consider that our world today is changing so fast that we are constantly asked to believe things that just a short time ago were impossible.  Most of the time, we accept innovations from the area of technology because we have a belief that humans can create new technologies. 

But what about some other ideas that are not based on science?  How readily do we bring ourselves to believe in them?

For example, we’ve been told that human nature is selfish and self-serving and, thus, sinful.  Do you believe that?  Can you imagine a world in which all humans are kind, considerate, loving, generous, non-judgmental, and compassionate? 

I can already hear you thinking, “this is impossible.” 

Why is it impossible?  Why can’t humanity move away from selfishness to generosity?

There is a wonderful story about a man who dies and is about to be taken to Heaven.  The mans asks the angel who has come as his guide to help him understand the difference between Heaven and Hell.  The angel says, “I will show you.”

Immediately, the angel and the man see men and women of all ages, races, and religions standing around huge vats of delicious, aromatic stew.  Each person is holding a spoon with a very long handle.  Each person can easily reach into the vat to fill the spoon, but the handle is so long that the person cannot get the food to her own mouth.  So no one is eating and everyone is emaciated.  Each person is grumbling to himself about how hungry s/he is, but no one is able to eat.

After observing this for a short time, the Angel says to the man, “It’s time to go visit Heaven,” and they leave this very sad scene.

Soon the man and the angel reach Heaven, but the man is confused at first because he again sees people standing around huge vats of the same stew.  Each person is still holding the very same enormous spoon.  Soon the man realizes what is different.  These people look nourished and healthy.  They are smiling and happy.  Why?  Because instead of each person trying to feed himself, each person is feeding someone else.  Everyone is eating.  Everyone is sharing the meal and all are nourished.

Now – can you imagine a world like this?  Can you see a world in which everyone helps everyone else every day so that all are fed, clothed, and sheltered, and so that each person is able to share his/her special gifts with others?

How many “impossible” things are you willing to believe in today? 

When you can imagine a world based on Love instead of Fear and those images energy and focus, you will create them.  You will instill these “impossible” ideas into Human Consciousness and they will spread to all  of humanity.


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