Setting Up for a Teleclass

January 23, 2009 by  
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I’ve been preparing to teach my first teleclass, which is why I haven’t been blogging.  It’s amazing to me how different doing a teleclass would be from preparing to teach a class where all the students are in the same room with me.

For one thing, there is a lot of technology involved, and much of it is new to me.  Notifying people that the class is scheduled via email.  Modifying my website so that people can sign up and I can track who has signed up.  Setting up online ways for people to pay.  Tracking who has signed up and who has paid.  I used to do all these things with paper and pen, but now it’s all computerized and done over the internet.  

Next I get to choose a company with phone lines, and arrange for the  call.   That’s a totally new experience.

Even teaching the class is going to be very different.   As I’m very much a “visual” person, not being able to see people’s faces will seem strange.  I won’t be able to read their expressions or body language to see how they are reacting to the information.  Wow – like being blind, in a way.

Perhaps I’ll be guided to sense their energies instead – a most interesting possibility.   As a teacher, I like to be responsive to my students and tailor a class uniquely for the group.  I guess I’m going to learn some new ways of doing that.

I’m also excited because I know I am being guided every step of the way.   Living daily with higher guidance and relying on it used to feel strange.  Now it feels good.  And most importantly, I’m learning to trust what I sense.

Of course, the most important part to prepare is the subject itself – the “meat” of the whole thing.  This topic just glows in my mind when I think about it!  I know that there are people out there ready and waiting for this class and I know I’ve been brought to this place and time to teach it. 

Talk about confidence?!?  Or it is conceit?!?  Or it is just Higher Guidance telling me “It’s about time!”

I look forward to seeing you there if this class calls to you.  You will be divinely guided to where you are supposed to be. 


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