Choosing Alignment With Your True Self

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One of the benefits I have personally experienced from being more aligned and connected with my True Self (I Am Presence) is that I receive guidance on a regular basis.  Often the guidance appears as a thought in my head not much different from any other thought.  How did I learn to tell them apart?  Practice and testing out what I hear.

Sometimes I notice a thought that clearly isn’t my own.  I may be speaking to someone and I hear myself saying something that I could not have possibly have known myself.  For example, I was talking with a chiropractic nutritionist about a probiotic (healthy microorganisms) I was taking that he had been using with his clients for some time.  I had just asked him a question and the answer just popped into my head.  The moment I heard the answer, I knew it was true.  Before he even responded, I spoke the answer allowed as a question to him.  He immediately agreed.

Now you could, perhaps, call this telepathy, but then that is also a characteristic of the I Am Presence.  Our True Self is a vast being of Light and Love who is completely connected to the Group Consciousness of Humanity and has access to all kinds of wisdom and information.  So, as long as the information is accurate and the wisdom is Divine, does it exactly matter what the source is?

One way to know if information is accurate is called “discernment.”  You use discernment when you test out information internally.  Does this information resonate with you as true?  Does it feel right in your gut?  In other words, does it energetically vibrate with your intuition? 

Keeping a journal of situations where you did this testing might be useful.  Over time, you would be able to identify that more and more often you were accurate when you tested out information with your intuition.

Another time, I had just renewed a prescription at the pharmacy and picked up the first installment.  As I walked away from the counter, I heard a thought in my head, “Check the prescription.  The refills are wrong.”  At one time I might have ignored such a thought as my small self being negative.  This time, I made a note to check the refills on the label.  Being very tired, I headed home.  Later in the day, I did check the label, and sure enough, the number of refills listed was incorrect. 

Listening to your inner guidance system can help you stay alive.  I’ve read stories of people who, for no logical reason, decided not to get on certain airplanes or ships and those vessels crashed or had other problems. 

We all have this connection to our True Self.  We cannot be alive without that energy because that is who we really are.  Our True Self uses many different ways to communicate with us. 

Emotion is one signal mechanism.  If we do something and then feel an unpleasant emotion around it, that’s a signal that our action took us off our path.  If we feel a pleasant emotion, that is a signal that our action is aligned with our path.

Intuition is another signal.  When we listen to our intuition, we are listening to our own True Self.  Our True Self wants the very best for us.  When we make a commitment to listen to our inner guidance, we are making a commitment to align with our Highest aspect.

Just like any other skill, we improve with practice.  The first step is to make the commitment to pay attention to how we are feeling, to listen to our intuition, to test out our decisions with our gut feelings, to check out information using discernment.

Are you ready to make such a commitment?  What are you waiting for?  Start now . . .  today . . . this very moment.  It will change your life for the better.  It will help you find and stay on your personal life path.

If you are already doing this, please share an experience or two where you have been accurate.  Focusing on success brings more success.



4 Responses to “Choosing Alignment With Your True Self”
  1. Gunvi Sund says:

    Hello, I agree with the previous speaker but I like to put a little warning in there because the mind can imagine things as being real guidance and the negative power have many trix . Use common sense too. 🙂

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Gunvi,

      While it is true that we can be tricked, we can also avoid being tricked. When you are not sure of the source of information, you can do the following:

      1- Check the energy of the information. Does is resonate with Divine Love?
      2- Check the energy of the being providing the information. Does that being feel loving to you?
      3- ASK the being if s/he is “from the Light?” They are required to tell the TRUTH to this question. If the answer is “No,” then send them away and they MUST leave.
      4- ASK the being to say their name and send DIVINE LOVE simultaneously. If they cannot do that, they are not from the Light and, again, you can tell them to “Leave my body, my energy field, and my home immediately and NEVER return.” and they MUST do this.

      No one is allowed to be in your energy/body/personal space unless you give permission. THIS IS DIVINE LAW. So if you tell them to go, they MUST go – they have no choice.

      Does this help?


  2. I have certainly experience this myself and can speak for other close friends too that have shared the same experiences. I think this is all intuition in itself. Some are blessed with a stronger sense or power of intuition than others and this is why some of us have these experiences.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Sharon,

      Yes, intuition is one of the ways our True Self communicates with us. We all have had access to this form of communication to some degree throughout humanity’s time on Earth. We all have had access to our True Self.

      When we decide to focus our attention on expanding this type of communication, it does expand. A magnificent benefit of the expansion is that we no longer have to wait for a message to appear. Instead, we can specifically request guidance and we will receive it. The guidance may come in a variety of forms. If one is open to it, the messages can become very detailed with specific instructions. As long as these messages are filled with love and positive feeling and resonate for you, they are coming from a being of Light and Love who has your well-being at heart. In those circumstances, they are Divine Messages.