Finding Joy

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I am taking daily lessons from my I AM Presence, and today’s seems appropriate to share.




“You are entitled to all the Joy you can experience.  Joy comes from within.  It is beyond laughter, beyond even wisdom.  Joy is upliftment – vibrating in alignment with God/Goddess/I AM/All That Is.  The Universe is a playground.  Revel in the Joy of it.


“Joy is available to you when you put aside the things of the external world and focus on the inner world.  Close your eyes for a moment and I will guide you to the JOY CENTER within you.”


We went down a corridor and into a space of bubbles floating, sounds of a brook gurgling, a feeling of effervescence.  I could feel the joy inside me, but had no idea “where” I was.  Was told not to ask, just to be in the feeling.  A smile came to my face.  Was told that the images in my mind are limited imaginings and not true perceptions of the experience – attempts by my mind to create an image of Joy based on my 3rd dimensional experience, but very far from ture Joy and therefore, to be ignored.  I opened my eyes still feeling joyful.


SURRENDER:  the external world as reality.   It is just a reflection of the internal world.


ACCEPT:  the inner world as reality.


TODAY’S ACTION:  Chant and sing.


TRANSMUTE A LIMITING BELIEF:  Surrender that life is a struggle  Instead, see JOY everywhere . . . and so it is!!



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