No More Excuses!!

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Have you ever noticed how we have all kinds of rationalizations for deciding not to take advantage of new opportunities?  We may also have excuses for everything we continue to do even when those behaviors no longer meet our needs and actually make us uncomfortable.

The Universe has been telling us for some time (at least the last 2 years) that the old excuses (limiting beliefs) won’t work any more.  If you try to push something away that you have kept stuffed down or pushed back in your life for decades, you can no longer keep whatever it is at bay.  This is true for all of us. We are being asked to expand, to grow, to change.

The Ascension Energies are supporting us.  It is time to face up to our limiting beliefs.  It is time to change them into  more expansive concepts and understanding.  The energies that used to let us rationalize and lied to ourselves are gone.  They’ve been replaced by higher frequencies that want us to “be all that we can be” (if you’ll pardon the use of that phrase that has be co-opted by the military – what a distortion – the military doesn’t want creative, think-for-yourself people – it wants people who OBEY ORDERS.)

OK – so you’ve run into a block.  How do you know when you’re blocked?  Are your feeling angry?  Frustrated?  Depressed?  Are you saying to yourself, “Why is it always this way?”  “Why me?”  “This happens over and over again in my life and I’m ‘sick and tired’ of it?”

There are so many teleclasses and programs available today to help you move through this into a new space of internal calm, peace, harmony, satisfaction.  You can harness your fears, angers, frustrations, depression.  You can gather up the power that lives within them and use that power, that energy, to create something else in your life. 

One way to do this is through a Spiritual Empowerment session with me.  (more information is available under the Human Services tab on the home page of my website ( 

Another way is to read a new book that is coming out next week by Wayne Dyer, “Excuses Begone!”  More about this book in my next blog.


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