The True Meaning of Patience

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Lately, things feel like we are stalled, like the energies are rearranging everything and we cannot move forward without forcing situations to move.  This is very frustrating for me, personally speaking, and for many other people as well. 

I keep asking God to “hurry up and teach me patience,” but as you might imagine, this is not how things actually work.

In my morning conversation with my I AM Presence and other Light Beings, I received this message about Patience.

When we wait, it feels as though nothing is happening.  Actually, energies continue to flow and shift into place for the next steps to take place.  The support stsructures at eneregtic – sub-matrix and matrix levels – are being created, realigned, and integrated.

The Nature Spirits, Angels, and Elementals are all busy working to create the supportive underpinnings for what you are creating in your life.

When you are told “be patient,” think of it as a request to you to support the work of those who are creating what is needed to support your work.  “Be patient” really means “be still and focus on what you are creating together with God.”   Your mental focus, even if you are uncertain about the precise direction you are choosing, provides some of the energy for the supportive restructuring process and creation.

Of course, at this time, your bodies are part of the restructuring.  All kinds of rewiring at the various levels is going on in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and Light bodies.  The Divine Male and Divine Female blueprints; your nerves, your brain, and the neural matrix; your chords, meaning your interconnections with other people and the musical chords that vibrate from you – the notes that you “play” and are aligned wtih – all these and more are changing.

Give yourself time/rest to integrate these new ways of being.  Just a gentle focus on what is being done to honor and support you is enough to help those doing this work.



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  1. Doug Hagens says:

    Hi Nedda

    About eight hours before I emailed you about the chatter going on in my head, it dawned on me to speak with you directly as I was driving down the road. So I told “everyone else” to quiet down. Then I asked you for help.

    I know it was you that answered because your response was both characteristically calm and immediate. You said without preamble “Describe what’s going on”. I did. And then you said to breathe deep. I did and things quieted down right away. No further nothing.

    This is amazing. What’s going on when two people communicate this way? It never it occurred to me that much of my self-talk could be actual dialogue with others I’m picking up or sharing with. Is this an example of how we live in several dimensions at the same time?


    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Doug,

      Well, that certainly is interesting. And the simple answer to your question is “yes.”

      I know that we all are multidimensional, so perhaps you contacted me on another plane of reality, such as the Soul Plane or even the “monadic” level where the I AM Presence resides. (There are 352 levels from 3-D back to Godhead, so it could have been on any of those levels.)

      I was not conscious of the conversation at this level, but that’s OK. I’m glad it was helpful to you.

      What you call “self-talk” can be you having conversations with higher aspects of you, some of whom may be specifically assigned to work with you as guides and/or teachers.

      Jane Roberts, who channeled Seth, published many books of her channelings. She also wrote a couple of novels, “The Education of Oversoul Seven” and “The Further Education of Oversoul Seven.” I’ve read the first one, but not the second.

      In the first novel she illustrates a relationship between the aspects that are in physical and a higher aspect of the same Soul called “Oversoul Seven” who is learning how to be a guide and how to help other aspects who are in physical. At the same time another higher aspect of Self is a guide and teacher for Oversoul Seven.

      Oversoul Seven is acting as a spirit guide to 3 aspects of him/herself each living in different time on Earth simultaneously. One is in the 17th or 18th century; one is in the 20th century; the third is way in the future. Three different times that we think of as linear, but all of which are simultaneous to Oversoul Seven.

      I don’t know if these books are in print, but you might find them of interest. I believe Jane Robert’s channelings are available.


      • Doug Hagens says:

        352!!! I don’t why but this made me laugh uncontrollably. I did read that book in the 70’s. I had forgotten about it. It was delightful. It ignited my imagination, sense of adventure and my funny bone.

        • Nedda says:

          I thought 352 seemed ridiculous the first time I heard it, but the person I heard it from I greatly respect. Who knows, really, how many there are. I surely don’t.

          • Doug Hagens says:

            Maybe it was the vision of someone with great focus counting them carefully one by one that makes me laugh. I really don’t know. It is odd because I don’t even know the punch line!

          • Doug Hagens says:

            Dear Nedda

            It was not a ridiculous. More like sacred. I think You gifted me a light package (I’m sure of the official name for these things) encoded but very powerful. That, I think, was why I couldn’t stop laughing for no reason. I name it STAR SEED 362.

            It’s unfolding and opening up in waves. Some I understand. Some not. I think it’s still going on.

            “IAM, and this is Doug, the infinite, the Quiet, the Forever creating the ocean, the mountains, the sun, the stars.”

            “IAM, and this is Doug, loving energy that out-pours from all living things.”

            I noticed today I felt in a loving way for everyone and everything. I had to apply restraint for people I did not even know!

            Your friend

  2. Doug Hagens says:

    Hello Nedda

    The re-working, integrating or what I call “connecting the dots” is creating a roar in my head! It feels like the normal barrier to incoming energies has lowered considerably creating non-stop talking in my head (except when I’m focused or in an activity of some sort). It scares me a little.

    Sooo I ask IAM for help. He says focus every chance I get on that which is the “light that drenches” and nature. That things will be OK. That this is just part of a healing process. And that it will not last forever.

    Already I feel better, but I thought I’d tell you what’s going on anyway.


    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Doug,

      In my experience with this process, you can ask for work to be done at night while you are sleeping. You can ask for whatever you want for assistance. My suggestion is to request that they “turn down the volume on the noise” so you can hear Light messages more clearly while the “roar” diminishes and fades.

      I have also found meditation to be very valuable as a discipline for quieting things down. It has other benefits, too, but might be helpful to you in this instance.


  3. Doug Hagens says:

    Hi Nedda,

    I want to touch bases on Reality 101. Today it became clear that the universe is inside me!

    I was thinking today about my feelings of the ocean, the stillness of the land, the swirling fog, my sister whom I love, enchanting tree shadows, the torment of verbal abuse, the emptiness of depression — all being within me.

    Then it flashed that the entire universe is within me. And so what I see and feel is really inside me even though it seems external in nature. And so with this awareness, everything I see and feel becomes now an affirmation of who I am. Which is IAM.

    Comments? The whole notion boggles my mind!


  4. Doug Hagens says:

    Dear Nedda

    I know what I want now:

    IAM full consciousness on a continuous basis. Now.

    I think I hear you laughing! Comments?


    • Nedda says:

      Yes, I’m filled with joy for your commitment.


      • Doug Hagens says:

        I feel your joy. Sometimes I just want to cry. I also feel a lot of connecting of dots going on. I try not to interfere too much.

        Your friend

  5. Ilias says:

    Hi, Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

  6. Saipreet says:


    may SHIRDI WAALE SAI BABA bless you always…

    om SAI

  7. Nancy Allen says:

    Thanks – I needed that.