White Pine Beauties

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I’ve always loved trees.  As a small child, there was one particular maple tree right at the top of the driveway of our home that seemed very large and old to me, and I thought it was beautiful.  Our house was on a tree-lined section of state road, and that tree was special to me.  I don’t have any idea why the state took it down, but I grieved it’s demise.

Today, I live on a smaller piece of land, and my house is surrounded by some very large (60+feet tall), very old trees.  These two White Pines overshadow the house.  The one on the left is no more than 12 feet from the garage.  They shed branches, too, as white pine is a soft wood.  Some of the branches that fall are too heavy for me to lift or even drag to the side.

Why would I keep such big trees right near my house?

Trees are beautiful.  They give us shade and oxygen.  But more importantly for me, they have amazing energy.

Have you ever lain on the ground under a tree and looked up at the clear blue sky through their branches?

Have you ever noticed their aura in the sky above their leaves or needles?  If you learn to have “soft eyes” it is easy to see their aura, even in these photos.  “Soft eyes” means that you allow yourself to see not only what is right in front of you, but on the periphery, too.  You use soft eyes to drive your car every day.  Just look at the photo, at the top of the tree, and then allow yourself to see what is on either side of you where you are sitting.  You may then begin to see the aura of the tree.

whitepine_leftTrees have amazing energy.  I’ve gone up to these trees and, while facing them, I’ve pressed my body against them.   I can feel their enormous energy.

Trees are aware of us.  They feel.  They sense.  They have consciousness.  It is possible to have conversations with them, too.

Did you know that, for every tree, their root system is a large as what you see above ground?  This makes sense in many ways.  To stay upright, they need to be very grounded, just based on principles of physics. 


It still blows my mind at times that what is hidden about trees is greater than what we see with our eyes.   We see only their trunks and their leaves (needles), their flowers and their seeds (pine cones).  We don’t see the life force running up and down their trunks.  We don’t see their ginormous root systems.  We don’t see their energy matrices.   We don’t see their giant factory-sized production of oxygen. 

It’s worth hugging a tree just to begin to sense their energies, to feel their bark and their life force.

The two White Pines on my property tell me they are Guardian trees for the neighborhood.  They are certainly two of the oldest trees here.  I wonder what other wisdom they might share if I asked them.



6 Responses to “White Pine Beauties”
  1. Pattie Flora says:

    Dear Nedda–I too love trees beyond words. It is good to hear you express how I feel about their beauty, strength, energy and wisdom. This past summer I found myself in a battle with our local road commission, who insisted that my 7 100+ year old Maple trees and 35 mature Blue Spruce had to be taken down for their road resurfacing project. It became very political and unfortunately all of my efforts to save them were in vain. My heart broke the day they cut them down and I miss their beauty and energy every day. Since they were spared until November, I hope they were dormant and did not suffer. Reading how you and others feel about our magnificant tree friends has been comforting, but I know I will be grieving for my dear friends for a very long time.

  2. SM says:


    Wonderful article.

    Glad to hear you say the trees talk to you.

    Every morning on my way to work, the trees talk to me. At first , I thought I was imagining or still in a sleepy state.

    I thought it was only me.

    This morning the trees said they are cold; they need a couple of inches of snow on the ground like a blanket. (We have had very little snow so far this winter. The ground is now bare of it.)

    They impressed me one time when we had heavy rain and wind afterwards and people were complaining about the weather. They said it was their turn to take a shower and “blow dry” their leaves so they can continue to look pretty.

    …another time when the weather broke their branches, they said not to worry, this is nature’s way of giving them a trim (like people cut their hair).

    I have 4 favorite friend trees at a sacred place I visit. They said that they represent parts of my life. They were so talkative about that, that I had to write it all down.

    I have loved trees all my life since I was a child climbing on their branches.

  3. SuperSonic says:

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
    Thank you

  4. Nancy Allen says:

    Why dont you ask them?
    Trees are, for me, some of the most awesome beings of this planet. They are very aware of what is happening around them. I have stood beside a tree and felt the strong recoil of fear as someone started a campfire close by. I have felt the relief and satisfaction of a thirsty tree as I stood under her in a rainstorm. I have felt the contentment of a tree as I sat against her on a warm summer evening. I have felt forgiveness as I apologetically trim a branch. Most trees have allowed me to merge with them when I take the time. It is an extraordinary experience. So my friend, go for it.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Nancy,

      I would love to spend more time talking to trees – it’s just a matter of juggling priorities, I guess.

      I have found them to be a bit sleepy this time of year. Have you noticed that as well?

      • Nancy Allen says:

        ummm – more inward than sleepy I feel. More tending to the core of their being. Hard to put into words.