Doubting. . . and What Really Happened.

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by Faun Fenderson



This blog post is Faun Fenderson’s personal experience of  recent events when her friend, Blackie, disappeared and we tried to determine whether or not he had passed into spirit.  In a previous blog, “Doubting Your Own Animal Communication,” I explained how challenging it can be to maintain a high level of accuracy in Animal Communication.   I hope you enjoy reading Faun’s story.

Blackie is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. He must have been just a small tuxedo kitten when he was left behind. In the storm’s aftermath, he was scooped up by an animal rescue group, neutered, vaccinated and the tip of his left ear was clipped off and he was released back onto the street.

Somehow he found his way to our yard. After some time he decided that it was OK to come to us for meals and to hang out. He has been a full-fledged family member now for three years. I think that he is somewhere between 5 and 6 years old.

A little over a year ago he started having problems with first one eye and then the other. We were told that his lenses had luxated (i.e. shifted from their normal location causing impaired vision). We tried allopathic and homeopathic remedies until he’d have no more of them. I’ve been giving him energy healing treatments since the beginning of the diagnosis. And yet, his vision got steadily worse. And he became steadily more depressed. He became nearly totally blind.

Faun Fenderson

Faun Fenderson

I am a budding animal communicator (and a former Telepathy With Animals student of Nedda’s), and have consulted Nedda often to get a better understanding of what was going on with Blackie.

Many months ago Backie confided in me during one of our telepathic conversations that he had injured another animal accidentally in the eyes in a previous life and the animal died as a result. He also told me that he felt that he was being punished in this life for having killed the other animal.

Last week, Blackie was extremely depressed: not coming for meals, avoiding contact with both humans and animals (we have other cat family members that he is normally friendly with). And then he went missing for two days! I suspected the worst (that he had left his body), and Zoe, my tortoise shell guru, and Neko, another feline family member, told me that I needed to talk with Nedda! So I called to make an appointment.



That morning while I was swimming, before the appointment with Nedda, Blackie came to me telepathically. We had what I thought was a nice chat.

I asked him how he was; he said not so good, but OK. He said he was thinking about leaving the earth plane, of transitioning. But that he was still with us. I felt much relieved.



Then, when we (me and many of the cat family members) spoke with Nedda, Zoe and Neko both said that they thought that Blackie had died. Neko even said that Blackie had planned to go out of our neighborhood to “do it” (run out into traffic, I suppose) so that we wouldn’t find his body.

Nedda’s guides confirmed that he was between worlds, out of his body, that he’d gone to a healing place. She told me she heard the song “I did it My Way.”  

We also heard from Echo, Nedda’s horse friend in spirit,  and Freddie, my cat friend in spirit. Echo said that his spirit was fine, that he was doing some healing having to do with karmic completion.

Freddie said it’s “a life to be celebrated”. We were all very very sad, and made plans to have a special celebration of Blackie’s life.

Freddie - In Spirit

Freddie - In Spirit

Somehow I made it through the rest of the business day and went home to face a home without Blackie. As I walked in the door, I was speaking on the phone with a neighbor to tell her that Blackie had passed. I opened the door to the back yard, where the cats often wait before dinner, and there was Neko with a sheepish look on his face, and behind him, there was Blackie! Who was glowing and seemed to be smiling! I’m sure I said something colorful to my neighbor on the phone!  I immediately called Nedda to tell her; she of course was just as flabbergasted as was!  We made an appointment to talk with Blackie for the next day.

When we spoke to Blackie, who seemed very upbeat, he confirmed that he had indeed left his body, but that he decided not to leave for two reasons:

  • He was very much affected by the love and sadness we all showed toward him, and that he would be missed so much.
  • He had completed his karma.  He had reached a place of emotional pain around not having the vision, so he was fully able to empathise with what he had done to another and in that moment was able to forgive himself, and released his own karma!

 He also said that he could now see better, well enough to get around!

Echo said that Blackie’s decision to return hadn’t been made at the time we spoke so she hadn’t known anything about it!

Blackie still has vision problems, but he does not seemed depressed and he has taken up some of his old activities… lying in the sun, going for walks in the neighborhood… instead of hiding under the house.  He is truly a changed being!  And we’re all happy that he decided to stay!


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