Merging “Ascension” with Daily Life

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A Question about Heart Centered Living


I received this question after the free teleclass last weekend.

“I listened to your teleconference last Saturday 4/24/10. Time got short for questions and I still had a question.

“How do we merge Ascension with “reality” of daily living? There are still those that don’t know about the Ascension and vibrational changes of the earth and even those who want to stay in their greedy groove.

“All I could think of doing is to send healing white light around my city and onward. (Our city has reached a new time high in frequent crimes which is quite a surprise.)”

Dear Sue,

Thank you so much for asking this question and for following up after the teleclass.   This is a very important question that deserves a well considered answer.

First, please know that increases in both the expression of lower vibrational behaviors (crimes) and expressions of lower emotions (greed) are quite common right now everywhere.  This is because, for each one of us, the “dross” is floating to the surface to be released, transmuted, and eliminated.  We are all experiencing this, but, as you noted, most people are still not conscious of what is happening.

There is no way to force people to “wake up” to the new consciousness.  Each person, as some level of their being (perhaps a higher level that is not running the show on the physical plane) has to make their own choice in this matter.  Earth is a “free will” zone.  Still, the higher frequencies, as you noted, are coming in and affecting them. 

How can those of us who are more awake help out?

  • Stay in the LOVE.  Keep love in our Hearts and send Divine Love to everyone – the criminals, the people against whom the crimes are committed, the city, the city leaders, and so forth.  Love is even more powerful than Light, so if you want to send something, send LOVE.
  • Stay out of judgment.  When someone behaves in ways that you find personally unacceptable, know that ALL IS PERFECT and that each person gets to choose whatever she or he experiences.
  • Be the change YOU want to see.  Look inside yourself to discover how the “greedy groove” and/or the “crime wave” may be reflecting something inside you that vibrationally resonates with these patterns, thus bringing them to your attention.

The world outside us reflects our inner world.  It is just a mirror – that’s all.  To move our personal Ascension along, we each need to keep clearing ourselves of whatever lower frequency stuff we have hanging around. 

When we notice something that appears to be outside us, it is drawing our attention so that we can exercise the choice of  going within to clear ourselves of the resonating frequencies.

The Truth is that we can only change ourselves and no one else.

The Truth is that, because we are all part of ONE consciousness, as we shift ourselves, the group consciousness shifts too.  Thus the Hundredth Monkey Principle comes into effect, which is why it will take only a small percentage of humanity to cause the entire Consciousness of humanity to shift.


More questions and comments are very welcome.

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