Moving Through the Chaos

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Chaos . . . Part of the Creative Process


Around the end of April, I started to feel chaos everywhere.  It was inside me and outside me and all around me.

My I Am Presence told me this about chaos:

Chaos is just an appearance, part of the creative process.

The real issue is focus.  SEE what you want to focus upon and all the chaos moves away to clear a path.  The way opens.

I receive an image of a asteroid debris field in space and I’m in a small space ship traveling through it.  I sit in the cockpit of the ship and my hands are on the steering mechanism. 

The asteroids are all spinning and moving in different directions.  I am moving through this field, seeking to stay on course without being hit.  It seems chaotic, as the asteroids of varing sizes spin in different directions and move in different directions.  It seems easy for me to stare at one of the asteroids, but that’s not where I want to go.  I want to move past them, not into a collision.

As I steer through the asteroids, it seems impossible to find a clear path, yet when I remain focused on the direction I want to travel, “the way through” the asteroids does seem to open.

This is how you create.  You choose the creation.  The chaos develops as the first stage of the creation process.  If you allow yourself to be distracted by the chaos, you will lose focus and you will shift away from the creation.  Then the creative process becomes difficult, takes longer, and feels disjointed.

Learn to keep your focus amidst the chaos.  As a Creator God, you have the power to remain focused.  Find it.  Use it.

This is what humanity really is.  We are each Creator Gods of our personal reality and together we create this world called Life on Earth.  Therefore, each of us must focus on what we want to experience.  We must not allow the media or the government or even friends and family to distract us from our focus.

Do you want a healthy body?  Do you want an economy based on harmony and cooperation?  Do you want to live in a world where there is a strong sense of community and mutual support?  Do you want to live from your Heart Center?

To create these things or anything else that you choose, you must first decide what you want.   Then FOCUS on that creation.   Do not allow yourself to become distracted by what is around you now.  Focus on where you choose to be.  Use the full power of your imagination.  Daydream about it.  Allow your focus to become so strong that you feel yourself THERE right now. 

Our entire solar system is undergoing dramatic changes.  All the planets are experiencing warming.  Earth is experiencing 3500 countable tremors every week.  The magnetic pole is no longer where it was and keeps shifting about.  Our economy is poised to make dramatic shifts and at the grass roots level, they are already happening.  (If you are not reading or hearing about this in the media, it’s because those who control the media are trying to keep you in ignorance.)

It’s time to awaken to your personal power to affect the outcome of everything you are experiencing.  It’s time to choose where you will put your focus and to energize that which you choose.



8 Responses to “Moving Through the Chaos”
  1. Doug Hagens says:

    Hi Nedda

    I just discovered another area of chaos. Much of the chatter going on in my head these days feels like a by-product of a connecting of the dots: the recombining and re-associating of the various elements of my consciousness — memories, feelings, understandings, motives.

    In short, the connecting of dots is a connecting of energies that creates a wide radiation of energies that seem to have a random and chaotic quality only appearing to have meaning. I look at this as the outward storm if an internal transformation.

    So now that I know this, I can ignore almost everything going through my head!

    Your Friend

  2. Doug Hagens says:


    There must be something very special in the things you write because I’m “remembering” many things and very quickly since I began perusing your website. I am most fortunate. Thank you Nedda!

    With affection,

  3. Doug Hagens says:

    Hi Nedda

    Sometimes it takes awhile to pick up on things.

    The clues or sparks I mentioned before were left there for me by IAM to help me find my way home. So I am always delighted to encounter them.

    What I have been calling IAM and GOD is really me. So when I pray and meditate it’s the personal and divine energies resonating as one. I like the idea. It’s very loving and sharing!


  4. Doug Hagens says:

    Hi Nedda

    You seem able to clearly identify the various consciousnesses you experience. At this point I know only certain energies that resonate deeply with me. Last Sunday I shared a consciousness for about 10 hrs with a presence I called God in answer to my mantra over 3 days: “IAM The Moment”. I’m not sure at this stage it would be wise for me to put boxes around things. But really I’m just winging it! It is an adventure no doubt about it.


  5. Doug Hagens says:


    I enjoyed reading what you had to say about chaos and creating. You emphasize the role of focus and persistence in navigating through the initial chaos to creation. I only add that initially I only have an inkling (or a spark) of what I want to experience. As I acknowledge these sparks (or clues) more becomes available to me which can change my course. Sometimes it takes awhile for things to settle down! What I thought was my destination may in turn out to be the beginning of something entirely different.

    Why pursue this challenging and labyrinthine method? The interesting stuff tends to be undefinable and of an energy always there but blocked from view.


    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Doug,

      I often find it challenging to decide what I really want, especially in these newer energies when it is important to be clear because whatever we focus upon will appear more quickly than ever before. I don’t think this is uncommon, as it can be a real challenge to move out of old habits of thinking and old expectations of what is possible.

      Of course, there are truly no limitations at all. We can create whatever we choose. Decisions…decisions…decisions.

      I like to ask my “I Am” for guidance on this, knowing that, of course, my True Self will help me decide what is aligned with my path and life purpose.