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Grandmother Sycamore’s Viewpoint


Here is the conversation I had with Grandmother Sycamore on May 25, 2010:

1_ What would you like to me know about you?

I am very old and wise and have seen much.

2_ How old would you say you are?

Possibly eons – ages – old. We are talking beyond years – beyond cycles around Father Sun. My consciousness goes beyond what you may be able to conceive of. My life is not just this physical form, as I have had many forms.

3_ I feel a strong feminine energy when I focus on you. Is that how you see yourself?

Yes. The Eldest tree is more a male energy. We are here together in perfect harmony and balance. As with humans in duality, we must be two to be One.

4_ What is the role of trees on the Earth?

Trees are preservers of knowledge and wisdom. We provide homes for birds and insects. We interweave our roots to create a network for information and a library of ancient knowledge. We create substances that can be used for healing or as nourishment. Some of us grow fruit for the eating of others. We reproduce ourselves. We fill the atmosphere with life-giving breath for animals and humans. We help break down what has been shed into the soil. We do so many different things.

Trees all across the planet can speak to each other. I can feel/know what is happening to trees everywhere. I can feel the pain when the rainforest brothers and sisters are cut and burned. I can feel the joy when a seedling in Africa takes root. We communicate through a grand network, although that network has been shrinking due to humans taking down trees all the time, creating a barren land that will take a long time to repair.

5_ Can you remember a time when humans and trees lived in greater harmony?

I can remember when there were beings who lived in a connected and integrated way with trees. Their thoughts and our thoughts would blend together, making all communication fluid and harmonious. Trees could adapt themselves to shelter these beings. We were never cut then, except with our permission so that the beings could extract fluids that we offered freely.

6_ What was that like for you?

It was a more loving time.

7_ How is your current health, Grandmother?

I am quite well. My physical form continues to grow and change every year. The cycles of life are in alignment. I have learned to accept that humans control the space where I life – that it is no longer a forest. Humans come here nearly every day in the warmer weather and some touch my skin (bark) and take photos, as you did. I always try to communicate to them how happy I am to see them being gentle and enjoying nature. I feel safe in my sacred grove, at least for now.

8_ What is your purpose?

I connect with people. To help them remember the power and glory of tree beings. To teach them that they are still part of nature and to respect it.

I also support the one you call Great Grandfather Sycamore. Our roots touch and we exchange energy, knowledge, love, and peacefulness.

9_ How do you do this?

Just by being here. I stand tall. I hold my energy strong. I bless everyone who comes before me and beneath me. I offer seeds as gifts in the spring and my leaves as gifts in the fall. People can then take home a bit of me to remember how I feel to touch and how I smell. Connection must be strong if humans are to remember fully how to live as a partner in Nature.

10_ How deep do your roots go?

My roots go as deep and wide as I am tall. This enables me to appear to stand on the Earth, although really I stand within her skin. We are attached to teach other in more than physical ways. We are as one being at times. When you are fully aligned with Earth Mother, that is how it feels.

11_ What can you teach me today about me?

You are fulfilling your life purpose, even though at times it may not appear to you to be so. Rest assured that you are on your path.

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