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Moose is a 6 year old Bulldog who lives with Magdalen and 3 cats in a New York City apartment.  He came to live with Magdalen in March of this year, 2010.  His feline companions are:

  • Max (our May practice animal), a neutered male, black and white domestic short haired (DSH) feline, father of the two females;
  • Gracie, DSH, all black, FS, age 7, full sister to Dottie;
  • Dottie, DSH, black and white, FS, age 7, full sister to Gracie.

PLEASE NOTE – when you start talking with Moose

  • Max is likely to pop in.  He did it several times during my interview with Moose in preparation for Moose’s participation, and as many of you may recall, he’s something of a prankster.
  • Moose requests that you be patient with him.  He says, “I think slowly and I speak slowly.  I’m not dumb.”  If you experience long silences in your conversation check in with Moose’s energy.  If he is still there with you, which I expect he will be, let him know it’s OK for him to take his time responding.

Questions for Moose:

1. Where were you living before you came to live with Magdalen, Max, and the girls?

2. How do you like living here?

3. Had you ever been with cats before coming to live here?

a. How do you get along with Max, Dottie, and Gracie? (ask for each cat individually)
b. How do they behave around you? (ask for each cat individually)
c. With which cat do you have the best, most special relationship?
d. What do you think about cats? How do you feel about these cats?
e. How do you feel about sharing Magdalen’s attention with 3 cats?

4. How do you feel about children?

5. What do you get to eat?

a. What’s your favorite treat?
b. Is there any special food you like to eat that Magdalen doesn’t give you?

6. Who are your doggie friends?

a. What do they look like?
b. Names?
c. What kinds of things do you get to do with them?

7. How often does Magdalen take you for walks?

a. Do you have a favorite place to take walks?
b. What do you like about taking walks?
c. Is there anything you don’t like about walks?

8. Tell me what you do on a typical day?

a. What do you do for fun?
b. What do you do for exercise?

9. When dogs sniff each other, what kind of information are you getting?

a. Which of your senses is the most powerful?
b. Which is the least powerful?
c. How does this affect how you experience the world?
d. When Max goes to the vet to get treatment for his asthma, how does he smell when he comes home?

10. When you compare dog behavior with human behavior, what do you notice about humans? About dogs?

a. How are humans and dogs similar?
b. How are humans and dogs different?

11. Do you play with the cats? With other dogs?

12. How would you describe your personality?

13. Is there anything missing from your life?

14. What do you daydream about or dream about at night?

15. What advice would you give me about learning to communicate telepathically with animals?

16. What advice would you give me about living life in general?

17. Is there anything you want me to know about you that I haven’t asked?

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