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Speaking with a Wild Deer


Wild doe grazing.

Hi.  My name is Nedda.  I’m the lady who lives in the dark blue house with the funny looking tall poll structure.  Are you the doe who was in my yard yesterday?  Yes.

Did you come at 2 different times yesterday?  Yes.

Is there a name I can call you?  “Rosie” is ok.

You are very beautiful.  Yes, I am.

Rosie, do you know how often you come into my area to feed?  About once per moon cycle.  I might come for several days in a row.  There are some good herbs here.

About 4 or 5 moon cycles ago, there were a group of 3 deer who came through my yard.  In fact, many deer passed through.  Was something different happening then?  There are many deer trails and many groups of deer – small groups of 2 or 3.  They are family groups? Yes.

Where is your family?  I am alone.  Did members of your family die/leave their bodies?  Yes.  How do you feel about that?  A bit sad, but also I just accept it.  Life here and life there [in spirit] is all just life – different experiences.

Rosie, how can I tell if you are the deer in the photo I took?  The image you are sending feels like me – my energy.  That’s all there is – all I can tell you.

I have some human students learning how to communicate this way with animals.  Would you be willing to speak with them like this?  Answer their questions?  Yes, I guess so.  Is that all [I’d have to do]?  Yes.  OK.  When?  Sometime during the next few weeks.  OK.  [A feeling of agreement.]

Rosie, tell me about your life – whatever you’d like to share with me.  I’ve had one baby, but he’s gone now – on his own.  He was strong and smart and handsome.

How many seasons/years old are you?  I’ve seen 3 springs.  We don’t often think about this type of question/subject.  Were you born in the spring?  Yes.  So 3 springs means, in human terms, that you are about 2 years old?  [I send her a mental construct of  “spring+born –> spring #2 –> spring #3.”]  Yes.

What do you like to eat?  Green things – many different kinds.  It’s sometimes [winter image] hard to find enough food.  There are many of us in winter who struggle to get enough to eat.

Have you lived other lifetimes as a deer?  Yes.  There were times when there were big herds and more space [sense/image/subtle knowing of fewer humans and a sense of open spaces, but also of huge forests].

Thank you, Rosie.  Bye.

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