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I want to thank everyone who was on the call last Thursday evening for the 1st teleclass on Ascension Preparation.  I hope you all had a good time and also learned some new things.

I have been receiving feedback from folks who were on the live call, and I’d like to share this message with you all:

Dear Nedda,

Thank you for the teleclass tonight and the link. I’m looking forward to the next class.

Both of my dogs were with me during the class tonight and they were so quiet that I forgot they were there until you started the chakra cleansing meditation.

When you reached the 3rd eye I kept hearing a fast loud thump, thump, thump and realized it was Docker’s tail hitting the floor as fast as it could go. Then it would stop until the light was brought down to the next chakra, then the tail would thump, thump, thump again, slow till the light hit the next chakra then it would start again. He did this all the way to the root chakra. It was so funny and unlike him! After you reached the root chakra, he was done! He came over and jumped in my lap and kissed me all over my face. Again, not like him..he’s never been a lap dog. LOL..I was trying to get him off so I could continue the meditation, never mind that he weighs about 80 lbs!

Afterward I asked if he liked the meditation and heard “I like it, I like it, I like it”. So…again, thanks from both of us!

Sharon S.

Isn’t it amazing how the animals know and understand about Ascension?  They also can feel energy shifts – have you noticed?  If you had doubts before, I hope this note from Sharon confirms it for you.

If you experienced anything unusual during the teleclass or afterward, please share it by commenting on this blog.  Thanks.

I am so honored to have connected energetically with you all and to know that so many people are waking up.  I was dancing around my kitchen on Friday morning filled with the joy of knowing that humanity is really shifting.  So thank you, each and every one of you, for joining this program.

Namaste (the God in me honors the God in you),

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4 Responses to “Ascension Preparation – Aligning and Integrating Chakras . . .”
  1. Reah says:

    Nedda, thank you immensely for another teleclass on Ascension. It is more than interesting, it ought to be mandatory. I can’t decide which I love the most, your wonderful guided meditation (one of the best in existence!) or your explanation, or the Q & A at the end! It’s all Good.

    When you talked about the difficulty sleeping, I sure did identify with that one. The waking up in the middle of the night… full moon or not! And, like you, I’ve decided to let my body’s needs dictate my schedule. We’re fortunate in that. I used to be a slave in the corporate world and I thank God everyday that I am my own boss.

    I made many notes. You should write a book! And put your meditations in there too. Today, I wrote an article on frequencies, and a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on visualization, which I submitted to a dozen magazines. I’d like to get your take on how to get published, if you have any ideas on that. I’ve met up with a bit of an obstacle there.

    But thanks again for another fabulous meditation, where I met up again my higher self, thanks to your help and which I met up with in my morning’s meditation in a shamanic way. It’s highly light-enhancing. I’d love to discuss more with you, when you get a chance, drop me a line.

    As always, I am so looking forward to the next tele-class.

    Your friend,


    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Reah,

      Thanks for your kind words about the class. I’m going to put up a blog entry on our program last night, as well as make the recording available.

      I have never had anything published so I can’t help you on that one. As for me writing a book – writing is very hard work for me and I just don’t have the time and resources to do it. A psychic friend told me recently that someone was going to come into my life in the next 2 years to help me write one, so maybe there will be a book in my future. Who knows??

      There are many places online where articles can be published for free. You might want to look into that as a way to get started.


  2. Ellie says:

    Hi Nedda-
    What a wonderful class it was peaking with meditation. I don’t know if what I experienced was unusual or not but I definitely felt the cleansing, spinning and balancing of the chakras. I also had the image in my head of being filled with light as the meditation progressed and felt “lighter” at the end. I will play it again and again as you suggested until I feel that the process is complete.

    Thank you, thank you!

  3. Sharon Bostick says:

    I wasn’t able to listen to the presentation live because of an appointment, but was delighted when I was able to listen to the recording. I do want to be there for your future presentaions.

    Recently, I have had terrible lower back pain. I was considering making an appointment with a chiropractor. Just by doing the meditation while listening to the presentation, my lower back pain is almost gone. I think the pain was due to energy blockage due to my concerns about a close friend that is fighting colon cancer right now. I will continue to do this meditation at least twice a week if not more often. THANK YOU, Sharon