Star Origins of Nedda – The Session

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Mantis Beings

Praying Mantis Beings Here on Earth

The day of my session with Jacquelin Smith finally arrived.

Before we officially began, Jacquelin took about 10 minutes to explain a few things she wanted me to understand. Most of what she said wasn’t new to me, but is a standard part of how she prepares people for this very unusually experience. So many humans have been programmed to fear aliens and truly do not have any comprehension of how much life is out there and down here and everywhere else.

As a reader of science fiction since early childhood, I have been a believer in aliens – life on other planets – nearly my entire life. I have read and continue to read books on concepts of theoretical physics and mysticism, and am I open to unusual ways of thinking about and understanding these often mind-boggling ideas.

As Jacquelin and I were talking, I suddenly remembered the encounter with the alien insect, and immediately told Jacquelin the story. We both laughed about my reaction, and then she said,

“Well, there are no coincidences, you know. That was a test, but you didn’t fail it. I’m being told that you passed.”

“How is that possible?” I asked.

“Because you didn’t kill the insect.” She responded.

And so the session began.

Jacquelin told me that my original family are Mantis beings, akin to the Praying Mantis insects on Earth, but also different. She described them as very highly evolved healers who heal using their 3rd eye as a laser of healing light. She continued to describe them this way:

“They communicate by sound, light, telepathy, and sacred geometry. There are “pods” or souls that come together – merge and become interwoven – and become one. This allows them to be on the Earth plane. They experience joy at a very high level of Joy, Love, and Fun. They dance and they love to dance.”

As Jacquelin continued speaking, I began to feel them around me.  I couldn’t see them, but I could feel their energy.  Then I began to see in my mind’s eye a mantis type head surrounded by glowing energies of golden white light.

I described what I was experiencing to Jacquelin and she confirmed that this is how they appear to her as well.

Jacquelin told me many more things about my original star family.

She also explained that my family wants me to know that

“Everything is simultaneous.”

In other words, we don’t live a series of lifetimes in different places and forms, but all lifetimes exist simultaneously. This means that I am with my star family right now in that form, as well as with many other of my families in many other forms in many other places. For reasons I can’t explain, this feels true to me.

In the last part of the session, Jacquelin gave me three tone mantras so that I can use to connect with my Mantis being family whenever I choose:

  • One mantra is for connecting with their Dimensional Reality.
  • Another is for My Specific Family group within that dimension.
  • The third is my own Star Name – to connect me with my specific Mantis Aspect.

Jacquelin explained that she does this in every one of her sessions so people can continue to learn and heal and communicate with their Star Family of Origin.  She was very careful to teach me how to say and pronounce each name, as it is the vibrational pattern that creates the connection.

Her final message to me was,

“Go slowly. There is no need to rush forward into connecting with them. Allow them to work with you a bit first and to ease you into this.”

Good advice for me, who likes to rush forward.

So I’ve been waiting for them to contact me again. I’m sure I’ll hear from them soon.



11 Responses to “Star Origins of Nedda – The Session”
  1. Randi Marie says:

    Dear Nedda, I have had several experiences with a light family that I feel is my family. Golden and even sort of orange beings, in a pumpkin like pod that seems to be made of light. I went before a council of ‘elders’ and the one in the center looked like a praying mantis/grasshopper. I must say, I felt love like never before. When I ‘returned’ from my first encounter, I sobbed for many minutes, it was hard to leave love like that. I know it’s simultaneous, but sometimes I feel lonely here. I am grateful to read your experiences. Love.

    • Nedda says:

      Dear Randi Marie,

      I had a “dream” (?) when I was about 9 or 10 years old. All I remember is being wrapped in love by a being of Light. I felt completely safe and at home. I didn’t want to wake up and thus return to my body.

      Many years later, when I met Swami Chidvilasananda (also known as Gurumayi), I felt that same love radiating from her in waves and waves. It was a transformative experience and I received spiritual initiation (Shaktipat) that very day. Shaktipat is where the living master awakens your kundalini energy. If I had not had the dream and remembered what Divine Love felt like, I doubt that I would have been open enough to receive the Grace of awakening that day.

      Yes, it is possible to feel lonely here in this illusion of separation. I have felt it, too. But that’s why it’s so powerful when we reconnect and know that all are One.


  2. mariann salling says:

    Hi Nedda

    This reading was extremeley help full
    And I as many have unfortunantly seen too many sciencefiction
    stories where insects are made enemies.

    however I have always had difficulties killing ants and such

    felt it was wrong and thoug I have tried to speak to them it didn´t
    always work now I know what to say and show them
    thank you


  3. Reah says:

    Dear Nedda,

    That was a fascinating story on your blog. Thank you for sharing that. I’ve known about the Mantis beings for many many years. I hate to dance so I’m probably not of the Mantis origin.;) I’m fascinated by the vibrational frequencies in sound as it’s like sacred geometry in audio. I’ve been exploring that little by little. I really enjoyed your experience. You are always so inspiring!

    Reah Wallace

    “Providing guidance in your quest for enlightenment with the balance of body and mind in truth, energy & light.”

  4. Jujuolui says:

    Dear Nedda,
    I wanted to thank you personally for your willingness to share this very personal and intimate experience with us! I believe we all can benefit a great deal from such sharing.
    What a fascinating group of E.T.s to have originated from!

  5. jean says:

    who among us as a child has not also bowed to these mysterious creatures as
    they so gently bowed to us. We knew then. Thanks Nedda for reminding us.


  6. Janet says:

    Nedda…this is so cool, although I am not sure I am ready for such an encounter :-). It is wonderful to read about your experiences as it helps to expand my mind to all the possibilities. I look forward to reading more about your encounters.

  7. Doug Hagens says:

    Dear Nedda

    I feel also that everything is simultaneous! It certainly puts a different twist to any adventure: starting and ending at the same time. The only way it makes sense to me is what we do is not to achieve, but to experience.

    I’m still laughing about your encounter with the alien insect! It is interesting I picked up on “Star Seed” and the “focusing of light to heal” of the Mantis.

    Your friend

  8. Paulinka says:

    Awesome , Nedda !! Wow ! And I must say, I laughed for minutes after reading the insect jumping on your pants in the bathroom. I think a lot of people would do exactly the same. Thanks for reminding us to ask them to find a place for themselves out of the way.
    I have had some very special mantis encounters myself, they seem such wise beings.
    Can’t wait to hear where this will bring you !