Ascension Preparation – Shamballa: Land of the Masters

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We Are Already Masters –
We Just Have to Remember That We are Masters!

In our teleclass today, we visited the Healing Institute in the sacred city of Shamballa, met one of the Administrative Healing Specialists, and received color healing treatments that use a system gifted to humanity by our Arcturian cousins.

A prism breaks visible light into colors.

When I facilitate healing sessions, I am sometimes guided to request special color healing for the individual or animal.  Sometimes I am guided to place the energies of the individual in one of the special color healing Solariums, which are organized by color frequencies.  The individual receives the color healing for 24 hours or more, depending on what the Color Healing Specialists recommend.

There are many other healing systems available at the Healing Institute.  This is also the healing center where the Masters Medical Assistance Program (MAP) has its headquarters.  For more information about MAP, see Machaelle Small Wright’s book, MAP:  The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program.  (NOTE:  The “white” in this title refers to the use of white light, meaning the full spectrum of available colors, and has nothing to do with racial issues or anything else.)

Please share any experiences you had in our meditation and ask any additional questions by responding to this blog post.  Thank you.



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  1. Doug Hagens says:

    Hi Nedda

    I just made a wonderful observation today.

    It’s the heart that finds the place of my dreams. It’s the mind that draws the road map to get there.


  2. Doug Hagens says:

    It represents courage and help from loving spirits as you!.

    Right now my task now seems to be to acknowledge and have faith that my intent is being realized no matter what I am thinking, feeling or doing. It’s not like I have to refresh the memory of IAM to do what must be done.

    I realized this morning my thoughts have a life of their own. (I thought they were my own). They move across the landscape like waves rolling across an ocean of their own accord. To participate in these waves is a choice I make — not the the waves.

    I noticed that when I was working, there was always a comfy sense of continuity around working — getting ready in the morning, doing the job, relaxing after the job etc. I like the continuity but don’t want to go back to work or to bury myself in a massive program of hobbies. So now my plan is to acknowledge The Quiet that permeates like an ocean in all directions.


  3. Doug Hagens says:

    Dear Nedda

    As I speak I feel I’m moving through a wonderful transition. The Akashic Record Reading and mantra were very helpful. Also retirement from work proved helpful and most delightful! First I saw green everywhere – green hats,green pants,etc. Now I may be in the orange phase!

    Helping me understand the nature of this transition is a poem and picture I came across this morning . . .


    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Doug,

      Toni Robbins is a powerful speaker and I can see why his message was so appropriate for you at this time. Isn’t it amazing how the universe reflects our current state of mind back to us?

      It’s great that you were able to decide to retire and then just “do it.” It also takes a great deal of courage. Good for you for living your truth.


  4. Nell says:

    Nice video, Doug.

    I wonder if anyone also heard a lot of echo now and then on the line after the meditation. The meditation itself was at times hard to follow due to static on the line, where I couldn’t hear everything Nedda was saying. Did anyone else have that experience too? Perhaps using speaker phone was part of the problem, coupled with angelic energies from my guides. What was particularly causing a feeling of unease during the guided meditation was that the room I was escorted to be in, was completely white, including the furniture. Looking very sterile, quite opposite from my home environment, which one might say is in need of decluttering. (Been wanting to do it, but then other serious issues keep surfacing in need of attention – likely triggered by the ascension prep surge that shows where I can clean up my act – paying attention :-D). Back to the meditation, being in that sterile and stark modern white room. So then my guide (Archangel Uriel) stayed outside of the room, instead of by my side, or behind me. Still I stuck with it, feeling there was a purpose to it, and whatever happened, including a growing feeling of nausea was in fact appropriate.

    Nedda, first of all thanks for fascilitating this experience, all of it really, and for the energetic support in alleviating the nausea successfully.

    Would love to read the experiences of others. I imagine everyone was in his/her own specifically assigned room.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Nell,

      I have a couple of questions for for you and others for purposes of clarification.

      1- Did anyone else have problems with static on the line?
      2- Does the static show up on the recording? I haven’t had time to listen to it, so I don’t know.
      3- Did anyone have a different experience with regard to the color of the room they were taken to for the healing?
      4- Nell – have you asked Uriel why he remained outside the room and what he knows about your reaction to the healing session?

      Thanks to everyone for sharing about this.

  5. Doug Hagens says:

    Hi Nedda

    I enjoyed your telecast. It was very informative and while you were talking everything was exceptionally crystal clear. But now things are beginning to haze over!

    What do we mean by a Master?

    Or by an Ascended Master? Is it he that remembers his divine identity and who manifests his Divine Self consciously, completely and freely in all his bodes?


    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Doug,

      First of all, we are all Masters right now, but have forgotten who we really are. To restore ourselves to full consciousness is our goal. Therefore, it is sometimes helpful to have definitions of what a Master is, but truly WE ARE ALL ALREADY MASTERS.

      A Master is one who is conscious of their own Divinity and is able to live in that awareness all the time.

      A Master is one who acknowledges that everything s/he experiences is his/her own creation and takes full responsibility for all that s/he creates, i.e., doesn’t blame anyone else for anything that s/he experiences.

      A Master is one who sees God wherever s/he looks and experiences God everywhere and in every thing and every one.

      There may be other characteristics as well, but for the moment, these are the three that come to mind.


      • Doug Hagens says:

        Thank you Nedda,

        It helps to know where I’M heading!

        Today It occured to me it might be possible to know IAM consciousness at least in some way — through a particular feeling that I might identify which could draw me into the infinite consciousness that I am.

        Within the hour I casually realized everything was OK in my life. The feeling was very loving and peaceful with total unconditional acceptance of everything in my life (and anyone near me). And if it wasn’t OK, all I had to say it was and then it was OK!

        Tonight with magnificent timing I received this Utube posting —

        Your friend