Daily Wisdom: Surrender to Whom?

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1. WISDOM: What is the wisdom you would like to give me today?

The joy of surrender is knowing that you are not alone – that you don’t have to “go it alone” in this world or any other.

The joy of surrender is accepting that you are ONE with ALL THAT IS and that when you accept surrender, you are accepting ONENESS – Unity Consciousness.

The illusion of surrender is that you are giving up or giving away your power.

The truth of surrender is that you are fully ACCEPTING your DIVINE POWER to CHOOSE whatever you want to experience.

The joy of surrender is ALIGNMENT with your DIVINE SPARK.

The peace of surrender is feeling that, no matter what the illusion may be showing on the screen of your inner mind or outer perceptions, your are completely SAFE and PROTECTED through the power of surrender.

2. LESSON: What are you trying to teach me?

When you struggle and resist, you create pain of all kinds: emotional and physical and mental, and even spiritual.  You create disharmony within yourself and it is reflected outside yourself as well.

This is not to say that, if you are physically attacked, you should not resist the attacker.  However, in the martial arts, they teach how to use the attackers weaknesses against them.  That requires surrendering to the situation so that you are open to the energy patterns and can react appropriately.

When you surrender to your own higher power, you become more psychic.  This help you to identify the information and patterns that will benefit you in every situation.  In addition, you are aligned with the ebb and flow of life, and all begins to move smoothly for you.

Surrender to Your Own Divine Self.

Surrender daily – even hourly, at first.

Then, open to receive the benefits that you have requested

through your action and intent of Surrender.

3. RESISTANCE: What have I been resistant to accepting in the past that I’m ready to receive now?

You have resisted complete surrender because you fear loss of Self.  That is your ego speaking, your small self.  Your True Self, your I Am Presence, is never lost, for that is who you actually are.

3 a — SURRENDER: What do I need to surrender?

Fear of loss of self.

3 b — ACCEPT: What do I need to accept?

You and Your “I Am Presence”

I AM THE DIVINE SELF, THE I AM PRESENCE.  Surrender to your True Self will free you from limitation and bring you PEACE, HARMONY, JOY, BLISS, and DIVINE LOVE in limitless amounts.

4. ACTION: What action would you have me take today to serve my highest path?

TODAY – begin and/or continue the process of surrendering to your Divinity.  KNOW that ALL IS WELL.


5 a — SURRENDER: In order to receive my highest truth, what idea, behavior, or belief do you want me to surrender?

I will lose myself.

5 b —ADOPT: To live my highest truth, what new idea, behavior, or belief would you like me to adopt today?

Nothing is ever lost.  Energy and consciousness can only be transformed.  Therefore, SURRENDER to and TRUST in your I AM and surrender completely.





To progress on our paths, we must be willing to make changes.

  • We must be willing to surrender limiting beliefs and ways of being.
  • We must also be willing to adopt new beliefs, new ways of being.

Both of these are challenging for us, at times, to do.

So to start off, we ask for the information. Then, if we are truly willing to change – to expand and to give up limitation – we begin one step at a time.

We surrender. . . and if that feels too difficult, we ASK FOR HELP and set the intention to surrender.

We accept something new … and if  accepting the new feels too difficult, we ASK FOR HELP and set the intention to adopt the new way of being.



6 Responses to “Daily Wisdom: Surrender to Whom?”
  1. Doug Hagens says:

    Hi Nedda

    Thank you. It makes sense now why I associate being grounded with “the female principle”. This is the feeling of love and beauty of CREATOR expressing herself on Earth and in the universe with the energies of CREATION which to me feels like abundance in all directions. This is the feeling I have when I look at the stars or the feel the radiating energies of the sun or moon.


    • Doug Hagens says:

      I came across a beautiful metaphor for male and female. It’s McArthur Burney Falls in Northern California. It’s beautiful. The flow of water is constant throughout the year because the source is an underground spring. In places you can see the water pouring right out of the rock.

      The image of water pouring of rock is a powerful one for me.


  2. Doug Hagens says:

    I’m thinking growth is about surrendering and accepting both. The two energies are both required. You can have a lot of accepting, but nothing much will happen without some surrendering of stuff we don’t need anymore.

    Which goes back to the female and male aspects of ourselves. I asked my roommate why she always had almost all women in her creativity classes she facilitated. She said women liked to talk about it and men liked to do it!

    Leading me to think in this way . . .

    The “male principle” is the CREATOR – the energy, the sourceness and like the sun, floods light upon the earth without exception. It is the abundance I feel on a sunny day.

    The “female principle” is CREATION – the vessel, the matrix and the heart with its wisdom to go with it.

    But we know there really are no separate male & female principles or separate energies for each. Because we are talking about only one thing. They do not occur sequentially; only simultaneously. They exist only together.


    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Doug,

      In the Hindu tradition, Shiva is the source of the energy and is also the CREATION, while SHAKTI, his consort, is the CREATOR. Shakti – the female principle – BIRTHS the universe and all manifestations using the energy of Shiva as the material for it.

      Shakti “clothes” Shiva in all of the forms. This is why Shiva is said to have “infinite feet, eyes, heads, thighs, and arms, as well as infinite names.”

      A FULLY CONSCIOUS FEMALE can choose whether or not to become pregnant and can also choose the sex of the child, and perhaps even which sperm will impregnate the egg.


  3. sue says:

    Thank you! Will take to heart your reply-it is most appreciated This is such a complex ying/yang topic. Balance, trust, release and somehow if one does the homework I pray to reconnect with the brillance of the devine teachings of the HORSE (or even better multiple HORSES!!)

    • Nedda says:

      Dear Sue,

      Each species has a nature spirit guardian. I’ve met and had conversations with Spirit of Horse. You can, too. Just ask to make the connection and be open to the experience.

      I also recommend journaling the experience, as that way you will grow your telepathic connection with the nature spirit realms.