Saying a grateful “Goodbye and Thanks” to 11:11:11

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Still Having Electrical and Phone Outages


Ever since the storm at the end of October, life in Connecticut, at least for me, has not returned to “normal” – whatever that word means.  The clean up of the streets and our yards is still ongoing.  The trimming of trees along roads and over power lines continues.  Branches that got caught on lower limbs in the first storm are slowly finding their way to the ground whenever the wind blows.

This last Wednesday night and Thursday morning, there were 50 mph winds that caused more branches to fall onto electric lines and burned.  This happened in a number of places, and once the fires were put out, the cables had to be replaced.  This included the telephone and other types of cables beneath the electric wires.  Obviously, this meant more electrical and phone outages.

Meanwhile, indoors, the amount of dirt that builds up in 1-2 weeks of not being able to wash anything due to limited amounts of water available is quite amazing.  Once we got the power restored, cleaning refrigerators and freezers became a MUST.  I had a compulsive desire to scrub everything, including the floors on my hands and knees to make sure that the dirt was completely washed away.

Maybe this desire to clean up was part of getting rid of the old and moving into the new.  I certainly feel different inside.  I still feel more connected to nature.  I still feel more at peace about most everything.  I guess the lesson of living in the moment actually took hold.

This is a good feeling.

11:11:11 energies opened right after I got my electrical power back.  These proved to be a roller-coaster ride of ups, downs, and sideways shifts as more old stuff that had been in my face to get released finally surfaced completely.  Now I’m finally letting go of all of it.  Whew!! Hard work for sure.

As we approach the end of the integration of the 11:11:11 energies on 12:12:11, I am also sensing a settling down inside of me of the shifts that these energies brought through.  We are reaching new heights of being heart centered, and that will be discussed in the next blog.  I am filled with gratitude for having completed this part of the journey back to higher dimensional consciousness.


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