Telepathy with Babies? Why not!

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Conversations with Twin Infant Boys and

Their Canine Companions

by Nedda Wittels
© 2011
Testimonial by Mena

I had already helped Mena prepare for her sons’ arrival by resolving a situation with one of her dogs, Jake.  Then, when Mena asked me to speak telepathically with her sons, I had no idea whether or not I could do it or what the outcome might be.  Because I was willing to be open to possibilities, everything worked out for the benefit and well-being of all concerned. Nedda Wittels

Dear Nedda,


Thank you for all that you have done for our family with your gifts. Initially, I felt so fortunate to have discovered you and your talents to help us with our dog, Jake. To re-home him was the saddest option in my mind, but to hear how unhappy he was with the impending birth of my babies made me realize he needed a different situation.

His forever mom had been looking for him for a year and when they met, it was instant love. I’ve never seen Jake so happy as he is with his forever mom, even though I thought I was to be his forever mom. Letting him go was the most loving thing I could do for my fur-baby and my phone call with you helped me release him to a more joyful life.

Talking with the twins.

When my twins, Terry and Rob, were born, and we had some complications with Rob, it occurred to me that you might also communicate telepathically with infants. That initial session did so much to help reconnect me with Rob, who was in NICU for a week.

After weeks of distance, we bonded within hours of our call with you. I had felt so disconnected with Rob, unlike Terry, the other twin. Then after our call, they were both connected to me in the way infants should be with their mother.

Another challenge resolved.


This summer, Rob had another surgery where the doctors separated us for a while. Rob was distraught and distressed for days after that situation. When he came home, he was distant and became a fussy baby. I thought he would come out of it on his own, but he didn’t.

After months of his behavior just getting worse, I had another session with you where you spoke telepathically with Rob. Wow! What a difference. He told you about the surgery and how he felt. Being able to explain telepathically what happened helped him let it go.

Rob also had an issue with not wanting to learn to speak words because he is so telepathic, yet his brother, Terry, is already speaking. After you explained to him why it was important for him to learn to use words, while keeping his telepathic abilities, he started showing me he could do sign language the morning after our call.

[Note — These children are living in a multilingual family and are learning several spoken languages and sign language as well. Telepathic communication is completely natural for them, and their mother practices it with them. ]

Nedda, my sons may only be 13 months old, but they have feelings and reactions that affect their psyche. I am so grateful to be able to have you as a tool to reach my boys when words and rational discussion are not yet enough. Immediately after this call, my son Rob was hugging and kissing me constantly, which he hasn’t done since before his surgery. The change is noticeable to others, too. My husband and babysitter both commented that his disposition changed dramatically since yesterday. He is back to being my happy, huggy, kissy baby again.

Lucy is having a hard time adjusting.

Joey and Lucy

[During the call, we spoke with Lucy, who is more sensitive to touch and has difficulties when the 13 month old babies try to pet her. Because Joey is comfortable with the babies, Lucy had become jealous and was growling frequently when the babies and the dogs were all together.]

And, my dogs both responded so positively after our call yesterday.

Joey and Lucy are both making noticeable efforts to give the boys kisses. Lucy’s frustration with Joey seems to have melted away and they have been getting along a lot better.

Lucy now understands why I separate her from the twins and she follows directions quicker when I ask her to leave the room where the boys are. It didn’t occur to me that she thought she was being punished [by being taken out of the room because of her growling] before our call.

Now, Lucy leaves and sits in a place where the boys can’t reach her with flying toys or other hazards that could potentially hurt her and she can still watch them and be a part of the family fun. I’m so proud of her.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. My kids and furkids thank you, too.

San Diego, CA





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  1. Gina says:

    Hi Nedda,
    This story reminded me of a friend’s comment after I told her I was talking animal communication classes. The whole concept was brand new to her. But after explaining what it was, her very first question to me was “I wonder if it would work for little babies?” …and thus here you have provided an example 🙂