Ascending in 2012

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Some Helpful Ascension Tips

© January, 2012
by Nedda Wittels

There are many, many websites today with lots of information about Ascension. Some of the information is fairly consistent across the board. Other bits of information may seem to be in full conflict with each other.

How are you to decide what is the truth? How can you determine to whom you want to listen and who can help you the most?

Here are a few tips:

Learn “discernment”, which is very different than judgment. If someone tells you they have all the answers – don’t believe them. Go INSIDE and check out the messages with your own, personal truth-testing system. You have one, you know. That is what discernment is – deciding what is “right” and what is “truth” for yourself.

Learn to communicate with your own higher spiritual aspects for support, answers to questions, and anything else you might choose to request. Your “I Am Presence” is YOU at the very highest vibrational frequencies and knows what your path is for this lifetime. Your support team includes higher aspects (Soul, Oversoul, personal guides, teachers, and I Am Presence) who really do know the answers and will help you if you ask. YOU MUST ASK because you have FREE WILL and no one wants to violate your FREE WILL.

Recognize all the ways in which the “world out there” is a reflection of your inner world. Discover how, when you change something inside yourself, the reflection also changes. By focusing within and cleaning up your “act” (all the world’s a stage and we are merely players – William Shakespeare) you will begin to experience new joy and excitement, fulfillment and enthusiasm for your life.

Recognize that you are God living in this body. You are the DIVINE SPARK created by GOD/GODDESS. Since God knows all, then all the answers to all your questions are within you. Learn to access them and take back your personal power.

Choose to align with your Divinity and your Life Path, and you will receive Grace in all areas of your life.

Learn to love yourself.  Looking for Love? Look inside. Loving yourself is essential to living from your heart center, and living from your heart center is essential to successfully navigating through these powerful energies.

Discover that you are worthy of EVERYTHING.

Remember that you are designed to live in joy.

Remember that you carry Divine Light.

Remember that you are Divine Love.

Remember that Divine Wisdom, and

Divine Grace are with you always.



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  1. Dan Hanneman says:

    Thanks for these awesome reminders 🙂