A Feline TTouch™ Moment

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Nail Clipping a Cat Dramatically Improved

© January, 2012
by Nedda Wittels

So after I bought and read and reviewed Getting in TTouchWith Your Cat, I made a point of using the gentle circles on Violet and Sakhara, my two feline family companions.  Both thought the circles a bit odd at first, but I was very laid-back about the whole thing.  I didn’t try to structure, “now is our TTouch time” with them.  I decided to just incorporate TTouch circles into our other time together.

So when one or the other would jump into my lap, I would pet them as I normally did, and then do some TTouch circles.  I didn’t memorize all the different ways to do them using different parts of your hand.  I just did whatever felt right.  I also did many different parts of their bodies, but not all in the same session.

We’ve only been doing this for a few weeks – since around Christmas.

And now, here’s the big surprise.


For two lifetimes Violet  has been very resistant to having her nails clipped.  I’ve used lots of Rescue Remedy flower essence formula, been exceedingly patient with her, and done my best to desensitize her to this nail clipping process.   As a result, I’ve been able to clip her claws, but often not all of them at one sitting.  I always make sure we finish before it becomes too hard for her so that we end on a positive note.

Yesterday, I picked Violet up after I felt her needle-like claws on my skin, and announced that it was time for a nail clipping session.  She gave me her usual dirty look, but I went right ahead and got out the clippers.

Violet will lie on her back in my arms and on my lap, which is her preferred position for doing her rear claws.  I often start with them because she will tolerate clipping them more readily than her front ones.   I have found  it’s best to get the rear ones done before she decides she’s not putting up with this human weakening of her battle weapons and runs out of patience.

This time, Violet lay there in my arms PURRING while I clipped her rear claws!!!

Purring and claw clipping have never occurred simultaneously before – NOT EVER!!

Then I did her left front paw – again because she tolerates this better than her right front paw.  If I do the right one first, I often can’t do any of the others at the same sitting.

Violet kept purring and just lay in my arms.  Three paws down.  One to go.

Although I was quite astonished, I continued to stay as calm as possible and to moderate my enthusiasm while I focused on the task at hand. I reminded myself to keep breathing and keep my heart center open.

Finally, I moved on to the claws on the right front paw.

The purring continued!!!!

I got them all done!!!

She was still PURRING when I finished!

If this isn’t a recommendation for TTOUCH, I don’t know what is.



7 Responses to “A Feline TTouch™ Moment”
  1. Sharon says:

    I’ve started using the TTouch on the animals at the rescue where I volunteer. One day I did it on the head of a dog we like to say is “wound tight” because she is so energetic. She calmed down and closed her eyes while I was doing it. I was told she was more calm the next day too. I’ll have to keep doing it whenever I see her.

    I also did it for a cat and he closed his eyes and enjoyed.

    I now use the TTouch instead of petting the dogs and cats.

  2. Barb & Harold says:

    Since reading an old used copy of TTpuch, inclusing all animals with the cat chapters, my husban & I first practiced a few touches on ourselves & each other, then on the cats. Same as you did, we did a few of the touches, various parts of the body, when they came to us. They too didn’t get off on it the first 3 days, but then began to appreciate it. Most notable results with an older incorrigable female who always left her turds beside the box: cured! She invariably kneeded with claws: cured! This took some weeks, even months of a bit hap-hazard TTouch.
    We also used it on me twice for burns from boiling water: when used immediately it is very noticibly helpfull; when used later it is helpfull indeed, but takes a couple of days. On our grandson it’s very quick for bumps & burns!

    • Nedda says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. I’m beginning to think that TTouch truly creates miracles.


  3. Sharon says:

    I’ve got to learn how to do this technique. Thanks Nedda!

  4. Faun says:

    Wow!!! Can’t wait to try this!


  5. Mica says:

    Elke came to us as a rescue dog. She was almost as nervous as a deer!
    Although she remains shy and never approaches us for attention, when we approach her she rolls over and presents her snout, clearly asking for TTouches.
    She’s at her most relaxed, even sometimes tapping my hand with her paw to demand more between her eyes and ears!

    TTouch is an excellent technique


  6. Jeannine says:

    Awsome! I’m going to do TTouch on my cats right away. Thanks, Nedda, for this testimonial.