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Guest Blog by Paloma Baertschi-Herrera

A tree with a message.

Trees can live much longer lifetimes than humans, and have consciousness and wisdom to share.  If you are developing your telepathic skills, I encourage you to speak with some of the trees in your area.  You may be amazed at what they have to teach us.  I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Namaste, Nedda

This morning as I was walking through the garden, being grateful for the new day and was saying good morning to the plants and trees, I heard a phrase from one of the trees: “Take every day and make the best of it.”

I wanted to know what to “make the best of the day” meant for the tree and it said: “The best is the same for everybody but it looks different.”

“What is the best for you.” I asked.

“To adapt to the environment and the weather in order to grow optimally. Optimal growth is the goal of every life. In order to grow optimally there have to be also phases of rest in between. Growth and rest do need to alternate in order to keep the balance.”

I tried to tranfer that thought into my life and I asked: “So when I sit down and watch TV I could say this is rest, couldn’t I?”

I did know of course that the tree did not know what TV was and so I did not really expect any answer but I received a counter question: “Does your body and mind recover when you watch TV?”

Oops..that was an interesting question I had never asked myself. “No, not really because I am focused on what I am watching and emotionally involved due to different reasons for example because it is thrilling, I am interested, I cannot believe it or whatever.”

“Then you cannot value it as a quiet and rest period. Does it help you for your optimal growth?”

“No, not either.”

“Why are you doing it then?”

I had to think about the answer…”Because it takes me into another world.”

“What is it you don’t like about your world?” Asked the tree.

Hmmm…this is developing into a very interesting conversation…  “Sometimes you just want to escape reality and have a look at other worlds.”

“Why don’t you meditate then? Meditation is another way of discovering other worlds and at the same time to grow. When you meditate you expand your awareness and perception. This helps you in your growth.”

“Wow, I never thought about it that way.  Thanks a lot for your words and I will definitely think about it the next time I want to put on the TV. Some other issues are clear to me now as well in respect to my thoughts.”

“You are welcome, anytime. I am happy I could help.”

Love and Peace


2 Responses to “Tree Wisdom”
  1. I loved this talk! It´s amazing how things come into your life when you most need them. I was thinking about all the stupid things I have looked at on the TV while looking at my mail (in front of the TV!)

    It´s time to meditate with my beloved dog Astro who is waiting patiently for our “bonding time”.

    • Paloma says:

      This talk happened when I was quite frustrated about a situation which happened to me and it gave me energy to go on. Meditation is really a great thing and animals are great at meditating. Ask your dog Astro to guide you through your meditation and you will experince a new way of meditation.