While Waiting – A Reincarnation Adventure

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In the last 2 weeks since I’ve posted about Echo’s reincarnation into a kitten named Star, I’ve become very excited about her impending arrival.   I’ve focused as much as I can on getting ready without trying to rush things forward.

When we ask the universe to step in and arrange things and then get of the way, the universe arranges everything to perfection.  This may be difficult for us humans to believe, but I have found it to be so, over and over again.

I asked the universe to make travel arrangements for Star so I wouldn’t have to drive a 20 hour round trip to Reprise Siamese Cattery in Virgina to pick her up.  For a while it seemed that I’d have to drive half-way there and back, 10- hours round trip.  Then the universe really showed off.  Turns out that some good friends are traveling from South Carolina to upstate New York the weekend of September 29.  Perfect timing.  When I asked if their travel plans went anywhere near the cattery and whether they would be willing to bring Star to New York, everything began to shift into perfect alignment.  So Star will be coming most of the way with dear, loving, capable friends and I’ll be able to meet her in New York, driving only 3 hours or so each way.

I asked the universe if there was someone who could do the driving with me to New York, and I immediately remembered someone with whom I’d driven a long trip once before who is a safe and competent driver, a delightful person to spend time with, and a light worker as well.  Turns out she’s available and excited about doing the trip with me.  Perfection again!

Star’s Chariot

I asked the universe to help me find a way to get a litter box that will fit into a large cat carrier, and it showed me a website where people had designed a litter box for one of their cats who travels with them frequently.  The instructions were all on the site, so Star now has a cozy carrier with litter box built in and plenty of space to cuddle up and rest on the trip.

Apparently, Violet is in charge of inspecting the travel arrangements:

Violet puts her scent of approval on the chariot.

During the last 2 weeks, Echo has shown up about 3 times in her spirit body to say “Hi.”   She’s always in horse form, but her energy seems finer – thinner – lighter.  She says this is because she is focused on being in the kitten body and on figuring it all out.  It’s sweet of her to check in with me.  I always love it when she stops by, if only for a few moments.

One day I walked into my bedroom and discovered Sakhara sitting on the bed facing Violet, who sitting on the floor.  They were looking at each other intently, clearly having a conversation.

“A family conference?” I inquired.

“Not exactly,” was the reply.  “You’re not invited.”  (This gives me a laugh.  Like I need an invitation???  My cats know me well and say exactly what they mean.  My feelings weren’t hurt, but my curiosity was burning.)

I asked why I wasn’t invited to this clearly important conversation.  Neither cat would tell me.  So I asked one of my animal communication professional mentees to see if she could coax a bit of information out of either cat.

Turns out Violet and Sakhara were discussing what to teach Star about being a cat.  Sakhara, who is very grounded and understands the importance of grounding, felt that Star was having trouble grounding and that this was the most important thing she needed to learn at the time.  Violet, on the other hand, felt that it’s more important as a cat to be able to run, leap, and fly around, and she wanted Star’s training to focus on that aspect of feline life.

I was just as happy not to be involved in these discussions.   Since I completely trust both my feline companions to do the task of teaching Star what she needs to learn, I was happy to have my curiosity satisfied and to mind my own business thereafter.

Since then, Sakhara as been good enough to share that Star is coming along very well.  She requests that I continue being patient.  I’m doing the best I can.  It’s difficult – but I have lots of other things to do, like figure out where to put more litter boxes, with feline approval of course. 😉

More to come,


7 Responses to “While Waiting – A Reincarnation Adventure”
  1. Paulinka says:

    Dear Nedda,
    I so enjoy this story unfolding about Echo coming back as a kitten this time !
    it is a big moment in time !! I have had my own adventure story with Maska coming back as another malinois pup and more recently with the appearance of little kitten Dash, and it is indeed so important to allow the universe to let things unfold the perfect way !! These are amazing events and I am thrilled with your sharing of this.
    I went on my Indonesia trip for my mother, who had already planned the itinerary in great detail with my sister, and my only wish was to somehow meet some elephants. It really didn’t look like that was going to happen, until at the very end of the trip on the very last day of our stay I had a magical encounter that totally exceeded my hopes and dreams ! I am so grateful. I wish you so much joy in this adventure of Star coming to join the family. Much love, Paulinka, Tess, Mona, Griffin and little Dash.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Paulinka,

      Please share more about your elephant encounter. They are amazing beings.


  2. Rhea says:

    That was very entertaining, charming, touching and joyful. Thank you for sharing this unique experience with us. And congratulations are in order for your reincarnated new arrival soon!

  3. Nedda, Thank you for allowing me to talk to your hilarious girls about Star’s training. It was an important part of my own training as your “mentee”, and I always enjoy talking to both of them. They each have such very different personalities. I always learn a great deal especially when I talk to Violet!

    • Nedda says:

      Thank YOU Paula. It was a great help to me, and I truly appreciate that Violet and Sakhara were willing to “spill the beans” through you. I think they have correctly identified my need to make sure everything is perfect – when it’s really already perfect without any interference from me whatsoever. Pretty funny joke on me. I can laugh at myself right along with them!

  4. Mary Helen says:

    I’m surprised Violet didn’t tell you to come back later because you didn’t have an appointment !!