Star’s Feeding Station – A Reincarnation Adventure

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You Can’t Outwit the Supervisor

Creating a place where Star, my new Siamese kitten who is due to arrive this Saturday, can feel safe and eat the food she has been weaned onto while getting used to being here and settling in.   The idea is that Sakhara and Violet, my two older cats, won’t be able to steal Star’s food or move her away from it.

HA!  HA!  See photos.

The sign says it all.

Large enough for a tiny kitten.

A different angle.

OPENING IS 3 INCHES - big enough for a kitten . . . too small for adult cats - I hope!


"How did you get IN there?"

"How DID I get in here?"

Official Stamp of Approval

Sakhara hasn’t tried to get into the station yet – mainly because I haven’t put any food into it.

Star, my reincarnated equine, is scheduled to arrive on Saturday – THIS Saturday.  I wonder how she is coping with being so tiny.  After all, a newborn foal is MUCH bigger than an adult cat.  I have so many questions to ask her, and no time right now.

Should be interesting!  And FUN!!



8 Responses to “Star’s Feeding Station – A Reincarnation Adventure”
  1. Julie Foster says:

    I mean, seriously. Did you really think when you started this project that you were ever going to be able to keep Violet from doing EXACTLY what she wants to do? She is not confined by the limitations of 3D 🙂

  2. brigitte says:

    So exciting! One thought: measure your cats’ head; if the head fits through, the rest of the cat does too! (teleportation notwithstanding 😉

    • Nedda says:

      So you think Violet can’t teleport??? Cats can go invisible, you know. Teleportation is probably a snap for Violet. I’ll have to ask her about that for sure.

  3. Ellen Becker says:

    Hi Nedda,

    I’m excited to hear that this Saturday is Star’s Homecoming Day! I’ll be sending good thoughts to you and all your little family and can’t wait to “see” the little one through the miracle of the internet! 🙂


  4. Isabel says:

    Thank you for all the pictures Nedda. They were priceless. I am excited for your reunion, and can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Nedda says:

      I’m finally making good use of the camera I bought so I’d have good photos for my blogs. They are fun pictures. I have more on different things to share from this morning, but no time to share them today. More fun coming down the road.