Rooper Transformed

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When Alane called me, she said she was at her wit’s end with Rooper, her one and a half year old cat.

Rooper was extremely nervous about going outside.   He could not seem to bond with Alane or tolerate any affection from her.  Most disturbing of all, he had started urinating in inappropriate places in her house.

Rooper is part of a multi-cat household, the youngest cat, although there’s another one about his age named Mouse.  He and Mouse are good buddies, and there are no serious conflicts with the older two cats, Mercury and Ali Baba.  Still, Rooper told me he feels like a baby and is frustrated by feeling this way.  He wants to go out with his “older” friends, but is too afraid.

In our conversation, Rooper told me how his mother’s death traumatized him, and how his sister, Tiny Tiger, also had lost her life outside.  He was still grieving both of them and terrified about going out as a result.

While I suggested some flower essences for Rooper, I also suggested an energy healing to release some of his pent up grief and past trauma, as well as to repair some damage that had been done to his etheric template in the genital/urinary tract area, possibly coming from being neutered too early.  His first and second chakras, located in the genital area as well, also needed some repairs and cleansing.



Seven days after I communicated with Rooper and facilitated a distance healing for him, Alane emailed this update:

Just a quick update on Rooper. He is like a different cat! He has calmed down.  He is showing me affection and allowing me to pet him, and he is asking to go outside with the other cats. And there has been no more urinating in the wrong areas.  Amazing! 

The flower essences you have suggested have not yet arrived so this change is all from your having spoke with him and giving him a healing.

Thank you so much for your help and giving this little guy a better quality of life!

Alane Cater, Rhone Island


6 Responses to “Rooper Transformed”
  1. Alane Carter says:

    We are now over a month out since Rooper’s healing and he continues to grow and change. It is almost like his maturity got delayed until he had a healing from Nedda. He is my little tuxedo buddy now- always affectionate and playful! Thanks Nedda!!

    • Nedda says:

      Thanks for sharing this terrific update, Alane. I’m sure there’s an entire cheering squad of people thrilled to hear of Rooper’s continued improvement.

  2. Barrie says:

    Animals are just as complex as we are! I’m glad more and more we’re willing to accept that they remember love and hurt, have smarts and love many of the same things we do.

    Thanks for this story. It’s a good one. 🙂

    Happy life, Rooper, you deserve it

  3. Sharon says:

    Hooray for your healing and Rooper for being open to it!

    • Nedda says:

      Yeah – his openness is very significant. If not for that, nothing I did or said would have mattered one bit.

  4. Ellen Becker says:

    What a wonderful outcome!