Dimensional Shifting Toy Mouse

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Mouse?  Mouse!  Where’s the Mouse?

Starlight's toy mouse collection.

Starlight and I were playing with a new toy mouse last night.  I threw the mouse and Starlight chased it, grabbed it, tossed it, wacked it about, and brought it back to me.

Did you know that Siamese cats retrieve?  Well, they do.  At least they do until they teach YOU to retrieve for them, which was the game Violet likes to play.  She sits atop the cat tree and I  toss toys at her and she bats them away like a keeper in Quiddich.  Great eye-paw coordination.  Then I’m supposed to find all the toys, pick them up, and throw them again.  But I digress.

So I tossed the mouse again and Starlight chased after it again and it rolled under the hassock, which has a skirt so you can’t see under it.  Starlight dived completely underneath (she still fits), but soon emerged mouseless.

Dimensional shifting mouse?

“Where’s the mouse?” I asked her.   Starlight gave a telepathic shoulder shrug.

I saw it go under.

Starlight saw it go under.

Starlight FOLLOWED it under.

So I peeked under the hassock.  No mouse.

I looked out the other side and under the chair behind the hassock.  No mouse.

Starlight looked bewildered.  I probably did, too.

From my childhood, I knew that things sometimes dimensional shift.  This is not the same as misplacing an item and forgetting where you put it.

The other evening, I misplaced a pair of reading glasses and despite searching unsuccessfully for a long time, I gave up and went to bed.  The next morning, the glasses were still missing.  I finally found them when I decided to put some books back in a bookcase in my office.  There on the shelf were the glasses, which I probably placed there while looking for the books.  I hadn’t looked there during my search, I so can’t claim to know for sure that they didn’t shift dimensionally, but it’s probably safe to say that they didn’t.

When I was a child, my sisters and I would throw a ball to each other on the lawn.  If one of us missed the ball, we could usually go right to the spot where we saw the ball land and pick it up to resume our game.  But not always.  Sometimes, we’d go to the spot and the ball had just disappeared.  Dimensional shift!!  Weeks or months later, the ball might show up – in exactly the spot where we had looked for it!!

But back to the mouse.

I carefully checked the entire side of the room where the mouse might have rolled or been batted by Starlight.

No mouse.

A little later, while talking on the phone with a friend, I spied a mouse of the same color on the far side of the room just sitting quietly with a few other cat toys.

Starlight commenting.

Is that the missing mouse?

Did it not only dimensional shift, but shift in space as well?

I’m not sure we’ll ever know.

But you and I and Starlight will know that toy mice CAN dimensional shift.  Hmmm.



4 Responses to “Dimensional Shifting Toy Mouse”
  1. Andrea S. says:

    Interesting theory. . . personally I think that someday I’ll open a closet and find a huge pile of them.

    • Nedda says:

      Years ago I read a sci fi story about how paper clips, which seem to disappear on their own, dimensionally shift and then return as metal hangers, which we always seem to have in expansive numbers. Hmmm.

  2. I love your intradimensional play story!
    My Isis, an Egyptian Mau, also loves to retrieve and play hide and side with the Mouse. If I don’t participate, she will make little love bites until I do! She is 7, so I think it is wonderful that the playful nature is still active in her. I do a form of play therapy with children, called Jungian Sand Play Therapy. Isis has been with me in the office since Hurricane Sandy and I began to notice that as I was nightly answering my emails, she would go to the Sandplay shelves and pick out the object of her desire to play with. Just as the children do! Her favorites being a minature ceramic mouse and a wiggly grasshopper!

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Rachel,

      Interesting that Isis picks out her toys from the shelves.

      I’d never seen a cat put her toys “away” into a box (which has tissue paper in it) until Starlight started doing this. She’ll chase a rolled up piece of parchment paper around (very chrinkley and noisy), and then put it into the box, wacked it around in the tissue paper, take it out again, play some more, and then put it back into the box and leave it there. She also does this with toys on the end of wands that have a string with something on the end. She drags them around and puts the part in her mouth into the box.

      Aren’t cats wonderful!!

      BTW – healthy cats play for years and years. It’s just a matter of not having food in their faces 24/7. The play is like “hunter mode” where they practice their hunting skills. Years ago, when my adult cats went from 4 feedings down to 2 per day, they started being much more active. The one who was overweight has lost it all, and both look and feel healthier. Of course, Starlight is in charge (she thinks) of the current exercise program. 🙂