Source Resonance Healing™

My Personal Initiation

When you resonate with Source, you change. 

When you change, your life changes.

My first personal experience with Source Resonance Healing™ began when I discovered a part of myself who had been in pain since the age of 6.  At age 6 I was in a very bad car accident.  In 1952, my parents had a two-door car with seats that folded forward but did not lock into place.  Sitting in the back behind the passenger seat, which was empty, I fell forward, slammed my jaw into the dashboard, and landed on the road after another car went through a stop sign and hit us.

Despite 25 years of psychotherapy and numerous other attempts to eliminate what I called a “lifetime of depression,” I still experienced depression for what seemed like no reason at all.  It would come.  It would go.  There seemed to be no way to eliminate it.

Then one day, in 2009, I was doing a guided meditation in a teleclass, when I suddenly met a little girl part of myself.  She just appeared and I felt strongly that she needed something from me.

So I began a conversation with her.  I asked what her name was, and she said “My name is Edda.” (The “N” had been chopped off during The Accident).  I asked what she wanted to tell me, and she explained that no one had ever listened to her.  With all the emotional uproar around my mother (who had been driving the car at the time) and my father (who couldn’t handle my mother’s emotional upset, the court case, and everything else), no adult had ever given Edda a chance to be heard.  Instead, I had been told to not upset my mother by not talking about how I was feeling.

So Edda needed to be heard and not judged. Her feelings about The Accident, now more than 60 years ago, were fresh and full of pain.  In the beginning, Edda wasn’t ready to be loved or even touched.  All she wanted was for me to be present and to listen.

So Edda and I began to meet every day.  It helps me to journal when I work with an inner part of myself, so I wrote down everything Edda told me.  I waited until she was ready to receive Unconditional Love and Acceptance (Source energies), and then I offered them to her – as much or as little as she wanted.  I gave her the power – the control – over our relationship, and she slowly blossomed.

One day, and for more than a month afterwards, I awoke singing children’s songs (“Do Your Ears Hang Low” and others).  Some mornings I would wake up singing songs from the 1940’s and 1950’s radio shows I had listened to as a child.  This was all a signal that Edda had healed and reintegrated into Nedda.  She was now so full of joy and playfulness that we would sing these songs and dance around the house together.

I am no longer depressed!!!  I am transformed!!

* * * * * * * * * *

This and other powerful techniques are available to you through Source Resonance Healing™ with the support and guidance of Nedda Wittels and Karen Nowak, the two founders..  Listen to Karen’s talk at to share a little of Karen’s journey to Source Resonance Healing™.

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