Who’s Knocking at Your Door?

Is There a Monster on the Other Side?

In 3-D, we held onto all kinds of unpleasant, painful experiences that we accumulated along with the emotions and beliefs that surrounded them.  We didn’t know then how to deal with all this, and so …  now ….

We are each hearing a knocking at the door.  Some of us are hearing loud banging sounds, as if the door itself is about to be smashed down like Hagrid searching for Harry Potter at the seaside cabin where the Dursleys tried to hide.  Like the Dursleys, we can no longer hide.  Like Hagrid entering the cabin, parts of ourselves may at first seem gigantic and monstrous and very threatening.  But also like Hagrid, if we take the time to listen, we’ll discover that this part and all parts of ourselves are actually trying to help us.

Who‘s knocking at your door?

Which inner aspect – infant, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, older adult – is trying to get your attention?

What messages does this part of you want to share?

What does this part of you need from you to heal him or her?

We all buried unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs about ourselves deep inside.  Some of these were stored in our cells and organs and other tissues of the physical body, while others were stored in our emotional and mental bodies.  Over time, this massive collection reached overload.   And now, here in 5-D, we are hearing a knocking, a banging, a pounding at the door.

What’s keeping you from answering the door?

When you hear a knock on the inner door to your consciousness and you ignore it, it will grow louder and louder until finally the door collapses and there you are – face to face with a part of yourself who is desperately trying to get your attention.

The “knocking” may take the form of intense physical symptoms and even severe illness, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so on.  It may also take the form of emotional “breakdowns.”  It can also take the form of losing your job, your physical house literally falling apart, relationships crashing, people and animals you love leaving, and other “reflections” of your inner world having achieved total overload.  Your  limiting beliefs about who you are and what you’re worth are now revealed.

Whatever you’re experiencing,

it’s not too late to listen.

  Your inner voices are ready to speak to you.

Amazingly, these parts of ourselves are not evil or mean – they’re just hurting and seeking to help us and themselves.  Their goal is to assist us to release the past, freeing up space within ourselves so we can hold more Divine Love and Light from Source.

Yet, when I’m physically sick, when I’m in emotional pain, when my life is unsatisfactory or seems to be falling apart –I continue to resist. I just want whatever is happening to “GO AWAY! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!”

But when I feel that way, I’m missing something very important!

Everything I experience, even if painful or frightening, is something I have brought to myself as a GIFT.  This gift will help my spirit and my soul to heal and become expansive.  It brings opportunities for the most magical and amazing things to happen inside of me and in my life.

When I find the COURAGE to listen to them, these inner aspects will tell me what they need to heal themselves.

This is what Source Resonance Healing™ has taught me:

I have the POWER within me to heal everything with the assistance of Source!

All my inner aspects are just waiting to be healed and integrated into my Divine Wholeness!

In the past, we have all found ways to block out the inner messages.  We become addicted to anything that shuts down the signals from within.  This can include, but is not limited to food, alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, shopping, TV, “tweeting,” “liking,” sports, and so on.  These are all distractions from the inner messages.

Why would you want to listen to the inner messages when you can watch a football or other sports game?

Why would you want to go back in time and face up to the grief, the shame, the loneliness and the fear, the anger and the rage?

We may think, “I don’t know today any more than I did in the past how to deal with this inner voice and with the situation(s) that caused him or her to become isolated and hurt.”

So we run.

We run, and we run, and we run, and we hide from ourselves in all the distractions of the external world.  We may look for answers outside of ourselves, but until we’re ready to go within, those so-called answers may just cover up the wounds and prevent them from healing.

One day, we hit bottom.  We can’t run anymore.  Either the pain has become too great or our physical body has begun to give out because it can no longer tolerate the disharmony of these buried emotions and past grievances.  Or something happens in the reflection of so-called reality that makes us STOP and PAY ATTENTION.

We have reach overload.  The knocking on the door has finally caused the door to collapse.   There we are – face to face with a part of ourselves who has a message.

Amazingly, these parts of ourselves are not evil or mean – they’re just hurting and desperately wanting to help us release the past, free up space within ourselves so we can hold more Divine Love and Light.

Once we heal these inner aspects of ourselves and integrate them back into our full consciousness, we feel so much better.  The pain and fear and other emotions are gone.  Even the physical symptoms can disappear completely.

We begin to express ourselves as Divine beings with tremendous energy, creativity, joyfulness, abundance, integrity, and Love.

We start to trust ourselves more. 

We resonate more with Source.

We are more whole, more integrated, more complete, and free to live our lives with enthusiasm, dynamism, and excitement.

This is what I have experienced through Source Resonance Healing™.

* * * * * * * * * *

Source Resonance Healing™ was founded by Nedda Wittels and Karen Nowak.

Read about Source Resonance Healing™ and learn one way to facilitate your integration into the 5th dimension.

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