You Can’t Force Love.


Even Divine Love Must Be ALLOWED to Be Experienced.

My father taught me that, when working with machines, it is dangerous to try to force anything.  When you try to force things, you are likely to be injured and the machine might end up broken or damaged.

This morning, it occurred to me that the same principle holds true in other areas of my life.

You can’t force yourself to love someone.

You can’t force someone to love you.

So how can we restore Divine Love –

our awareness of it –

our openness to receive it –

our experience of it –

our ability to share it with others?

This is why the term “allowing” is so important.  For me, when I first heard that I need to “allow” things to flow, to happen in a natural way, I became frustrated and angry.  I wanted to shout, “What do you mean, ‘allow.’  If I did that, nothing would happen or everything would fall apart.”

That reaction, of course, comes from fear – the ego fearing loss of control, not recognizing that it’s not really in control in the first place.

Just because we create our reality doesn’t mean that we “control” it in the sense of being able to manipulate our lives.  To consciously CO-create our reality requires acknowledging that we are working with the universe, and then consciously ALLOWING the manifestation to occur.  Our part in this is:

  1. DECIDING or CHOOSING what to experience.
  2. ENERGIZING that choice with powerful emotions.
  3. LETTING GO so the universe to co-create with us.
  4. BELIEVING that our creation is on its way.
  5. OPENING TO RECEIVE that which we are requesting.
  6. PATIENTLY AWAITING our creation.

But when we try to FORCE something it happen, we change the qualitative energy pattern of what we’re endeavoring to create.  We don’t necessarily end up with the best of all possible outcomes.  And we might never know this because we didn’t take the time to step back, get some emotional and mental distance of the situation, and allow things to flow – progress in a natural way.

A friend of mine recently had a crisis with her physical home.  Turns out that the original contractor who built it 7 years ago used shoddy construction and shoddy materials to save money while he absconded with the extra dollars.  Suddenly, it seemed as though the house was literally about to fall down on her head.  This situation was very spiritually challenging.  It not only required action in the physical world, but also daily spiritual action to heal the fear of the ego and stay in a higher perspective.  Doing so allowed the best possible solution to manifest appropriately and more quickly.  Because she was able to do the spiritual work (and believe me, this was intensely difficult), she and her husband are now back in their home, which has been made completely safe in only a month or so.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the energetic changes?

Are you reacting as if nearly everything is an emergency? 

Check inside:  is your adrenal gland looking/feeling exhausted?

We’ve all been conditioned to some degree to want an instant “fix” for everything we perceive as a problem.  So it’s no wonder that we lack the patience and self-discipline to give ourselves the space to develop a higher perspective that offers true understanding of what is before us in the moment.

When we try to force a solution, we are wasting our energy.

When we ALIGN with our higher self – our Divine Self – and request assistance for the best possible outcome, and then ALLOW it to manifest, we will discover that we don’t need to force anything at all.

The same is true for Divine Love.  It’s readily available.  It’s all around us. But do you let it in?

In my own life, I’ve been experiencing breathing difficulties since November, 2012.  This, of course, feelings like an emergency situation, since breathing is essential for life.

But I keep asking myself, “What are the lessons here?  What is my body trying so hard to let go of?  Get rid of?”

And I keep asking myself, “What is it I’m supposed to be learning from this experience?”

And the answer, a big part of the answer, seems to be that my body wants me to take in more Divine Love.  After working my way through a series of homeopathic remedies, and improving greatly, I was finally faced with the question, “Am I willing to be loved?”

The specific remedy was Lac Equinum – or mare’s milk.  Because of Echo, my former equine friend, I experienced the energy of this remedy as though it came directly from her.

  • When I put my hand into the energy of Lac Equinum 30-C, I psychically smelled Echo’s breath as she chewed the delicious, rich, early spring grass.  It was peaceful, like the energy of a grazing horse.
  • When I put my hand into the energy of Lac Equinum 1-M, I could feel the Divine Love that flowed from Echo her entire lifetime and still flows from her now that she’s out of body.  It was like breathing in the Light and Love of her spirit.

I had to choose between Lac Equinum and another remedy, which also seemed to offer assistance, but in a much harsher, more intense, and uncomfortable way.  It was like choosing between going through a very difficult detox and choosing love.

Which would you choose?

Which would I choose?

It was a struggle to choose Lac Equinum because of the old habit of forcing things.  I seemed, at first, to be attracted to the idea of forcing my body to heal rather than allowing Divine Love to enter and bring healing.

With great effort, I choose to allow Love.  I choose to be patient and to let the healing unfold.  And the remedy did it’s work, and now I’m taking the other remedy, the harsher one, but interestingly enough, it doesn’t feel harsh any more, but more like a gentle cleansing.

So the lesson is to stop trying to force anything at all.  I’m sure I haven’t learned this lesson fully, but I’m another step along the way.



5 Responses to “You Can’t Force Love.”
  1. Jeannine says:

    Thank you, Nedda!
    Your posts are always inspiring to me.

    • Nedda says:

      Thank you, Jeannine. That’s one of my goals. To inspire and learn at the same time.

  2. Clare says:

    Hi Nedda,
    Great post.
    For your breathing difficulties try Energy medicine. (I am sure you know about it). Sometimes our bodies get in to a chronic bad pattern, just like a river that finds another route an begins to flow this way instead of where it should. The cause can be anything as we are all unique. Energy may not be flowing down a meridian correctly, toxins may be backing up in your body or blood may not be pumping around your body as well as it should. These can all be corrected with simple energy exercises. Someone close to me had an ectopic heart for 2 years and is has taken us 2 months to stop the problem just with energy medicine. She was advised to have a pacemaker!. Take a look at Donna Eden, energy medicine guru.

  3. Marsha Novicki says:

    This posting was really helpful! Things always seem to come just when you really need them! Thank you.