Please. . . Please. . . Please. . .DON’T Send Energy!

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Let me warn you right now.

This is going to be a VERY controversial message.

OK.  You’ve been warned!!


The Reiki people have promoted the notion that it’s OK and even a GOOD THING to send Reiki energy to people and animals and situations because the Reiki propaganda says “you can’t do harm by sending Reiki.”


It can be DETRIMENTAL to

send energy to someone

just because you’ve decided to send it.


  • If someone doesn’t ASK for help, you are VIOLATING HIGHER LAW by interfering in their personal space, i.e., their multiple bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).  Earth is a FREE WILL ZONE.  Therefore, before sending energy and before telling someone you plan to send energy  . . . ASK if they actually want it!


  • The Reiki energies are about 1/4 inch of a yardstick representing the vibrational frequencies now available on planet earth.  If you are sending Reiki energies, you may be sending inappropriate frequencies to someone who is resonating at and integrating much higher vibrational patterns, which can make their personal process more difficult!


  • Putting more energy INTO a situation where there are energy blockages can CAUSE and/or INCREASE someone’s pain and distress levels.  Many times energies need to be UNBLOCKED and REMOVED instead of added to someone’s energy bodies and field.


  • Saying that someone who doesn’t want the energies can just ignore them ISN’T TRUE!!  It takes energy to block incoming energy, and some of the Ascension work is so intense that the person may not have the strength or energy or knowledge to put up a shield to block what you are sending.


  • If you have not been trained and have not become an EXPERT at CLEARING YOUR OWN FIELD, just sending energy means you are sending someone else all your own mental and emotional debris.  That is NOT helpful to anyone.  To learn how to do this requires DAILY PRACTICE.  You will do more to benefit everyone on the planet by WORKING ON YOURSELF!!


If you ASK and the person or animal says,

“No thank you,” you are still free to:

  • Recognize that whatever situation a person or animal is in is the PERFECT situation for their spiritual growth.
  • SAY A PRAYER requesting God, Goddess, Source, Divine Creator, All That Is, or whomever you pray to, to provide for the PERFECT OUTCOME that will bring the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL CONCERNED into manifestation. Since we can’t know what is best for anyone else, this type of prayer still honors their free will.
  • Acknowledge that this situation is a DIVINE REFLECTION of something within you, otherwise it would not have manifested into your life.  Therefore you can be most helpful by doing Ho’Oponopono* to clear up whatever inside of you created this reflection.
  • If you can’t control your compulsion to send something, ask that the highest frequency of DIVINE LOVE now available on planet Earth be made available at the appropriate frequencies to the person ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF THEIR “I AM PRESENCE.”  Don’t send it yourself.




*Ho’Oponopono Prayer – Use this to clear up your own stuff!
I love you.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.



13 Responses to “Please. . . Please. . . Please. . .DON’T Send Energy!”
  1. Leslie says:

    I have been going through a phase where I am noticing etiquette of energy work lately. It has been seeming to me that some people around me aren’t using a lot of discretion. I guess I have a lesson to learn from this.
    So, I have met around town a healer recently and he speaks like he is very talented (and perhaps is) but I find his energy a little scattered and not too much to my personal tastes, although I do enjoy just hanging out and talking a bit. He has been insisting on doing a healing for me and I’m not fully on board. I feel that yes, it is energy and healing so that is good, but I’m not sure what spiritual beings he works with and if that is the right energy for me at this time. I think I’ll feel it out some more before accepting. Just because it is healing does not necessarily mean it is the appropriate energy for you at any given time. Simply like how food is good, it nourishes you, but you might not want a huge steak for breakfast, as an example. I’ll see where those thoughts take me. Thanks for the article.

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Leslie,

      Wow – your situation is right on topic!

      May I suggest that you check in with your I Am Presence and ask for input at that level? While the person you describe may have a lot to offer, I encourage you to trust your instincts and trust your I Am’s perspective. This healer may have a lot to share, but his energy may be wrong for you entirely – or the timing isn’t quite right for you – or if his energy isn’t clear and focused, that may not feel good once you’re on his healing table, and so on.

      When we are lying on someone’s healing table, our entire energy field is open. If he doesn’t know how to create a safe, protected space within which he honors your personal integrity, then I wouldn’t allow him to do any work on me.

      You also have the right to ask him lots of questions about his beliefs, values, training, whom he works with from the higher realms, does he have reference (other clients who will share their experiences, both positive and negative) and so on.

      I’m sure whatever you decide will be a good decision.

      I was once receiving healings from a very, very talented woman who was highly skilled and a graduate of the Healing Light Center Church in Los Angeles, California. That healing school was created and run by Roselyn Bruyere, whom I entirely respect and believe is one of the best and most knowledgable healers on the planet. The woman I with whom I was receiving healings was well respected in the local healing community here in Connecticut, and I had even taken a number of courses with her and believed her to be of the highest integrity.

      After a few sessions, she began ignoring my requests for what I wanted her to address in a session. I would make the request and set my intentions, and then, once my field was open, she’d say that she saw something else that called to her attention. I would agree, thinking she would do that first and later get to the specific thing I had asked for, but she never did get there. After several sessions like this, I told her I was going to stop coming to see her. She said, “But I asked you and you agreed,” not understanding why I was unhappy with her work. My response was, “You keep waiting until I’m in a vulnerable place with my energy field open and then you ask me to change my intention. I’ve been trusting you to fulfill my request, but you don’t. You aren’t listening and trusting that I know what I need and want. Therefore, I can’t work with you.”

      I found out later from a mutual friend that she had an issue around who was in charge of the session – herself or her clients. Several others had recently brought this to her attention as well, so I wasn’t imagining it or making it up. She had some work to do on herself. As for my personal choice, it was a very good decision for me to stop seeing her.

  2. kay dunn says:


    For getting the word out with your latest blog entry about the wrongness and
    dangers of sending energy.

    When I participated in a Reiki course near the start of my journey I
    intuitively felt that the statement that you could do no harm was false.This
    was later confirmed by an Energy worker/ teacher whom I later studied with
    who stressed the wrongness and dangers of sending energy.

    The animals are very clear on what they need I am always amazed at the
    number of “Healers” who push ahead because in their arrogance think they
    know best.

    Thank you for your amazing work

  3. Tammy says:

    One of my students forwarded your post to me…knowing I would love it! I am always teaching this concept to new students. We call it spiritual etiquette and ethics which is often difficult to get across. It is a must for anybody doing spiritual work. Thank you for putting your truth out there even though you thought it might be met with resistance 🙂
    Angel Blessings,

  4. Ginger says:

    Thank you for your insight. I haven’t heard this before of sending inappropriate energy. I always ask for the highest good expecting no certain outcome. I know I don’t have that power. Sometimes it is best for the person or animal to cross over & that they would never “heal”. The person with a medical conditions needs a Doctor not energy work. The energy work comes after the surgery to promote healing & pain management. I’ve never heard the word “no” but the energy can feel wild & not smooth. The energy is put into the universe for them to pick up when ready to receive or for someone that really will use it. Food for thought but a blessing is a good intention no matter the ritual. Peace & blessings Ginger

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Ginger,

      Thank you for your comments.

      To me, healing may not be a physical thing, like your body overcoming an infection, or a broken limb mending. Healing can also be emotional and even mental, in terms of getting rid of belief systems that hold you in limitation or adopting a belief that allows you to expand your consciousness.

      To me, ultimately, healing is a spiritual experience, so even when someone leaves the physical realm for the higher realms, they can be involved in healing through that transition we call death.

  5. Navah says:

    Thank you Nedda!
    This is wonderful and it makes perfect sense.
    I have experienced many instances in the past when I was just starting my practice where an animal did not want to receive energy and boy, they sure let me know…usually with a very big hiss or nasty growl 🙂
    I have learned that each animal and person has their own higher self guiding them and it is not me!
    This information is wonderful and I will use it in my work.

  6. Barbara says:

    Ouf! I am so glad that you have pointed this out. That people are sending their ‘stuff’ along with their good will; that Reike was once useful but isn’t anywhere near the frequency of those to whom the practitioner is sending it; that Angels for instance can be called upon to bless the situation and this helps us to not be the ‘doer’.
    Many many years ago when we were all learning Reike, and perhaps at that time it was still a boost rather than a drag on a person’s energy, my friends did Reike for a guy who was having stomach pains. Turns out it was an appendicitis and the pouring of energy in to that spot nearly ruptured it before he could be rushed to hospital some 30 miles away!
    Very good article. However, I don’t think it needs all the caps and red warning colours. What you are saying to us, your intellegent readership, stands up fine, and sinks in just as well printed normally.
    Bon courage!

    • Nedda says:

      Dear Barbara,

      I appreciate your sharing your experience.

      As for the caps and red warnings, they express the intensity of my feelings.

      I have great respect for my readers, and I appreciate that putting things is writing can lead to misunderstandings. Nevertheless, I expressed what I felt.

      Thank you for doing the same.

  7. Jeannine says:

    This is so true, Nedda!

    Even if most of the time in my case the animals accept my proposal of an energy session, I must say I got a “No” once or twice.
    I also found very important to involve the animal’s (or person’s) I Am Presence in the session.
    My cat was in her terminal phase and I had asked permission to do an energy session with her. I started the second part of the session without asking permission again, not to the animal in this case but to the Universe that included my cat’s I Am obviously. In all honesty I thought the permission I had got previously was for the entire session and not only for the first part of it. I had just started the second part when I heard very strongly “STOP!” coming from my cat’s I Am Presence. Such a good lesson for me!

    It is also so important to respect the person’s or the animal’s will. We definitely cannot impose ours on anyone, this is unethical Respect is so often disregarded in our daily world.

    Thank you, Nedda, for reminding us all of this.

    • Nedda says:

      Thanks, Jeannine, for adding your example of confirmation for my message. I hope others will read this and understand it’s importance.

      • Jeannine says:

        Another case that was related to me: a woman had a plant which wasn’t doing well and she started sending Reiki but after a while the plant died. When she cleaned the pot it was in, she discovered a huge worm. Apparently the worm took a lot of benefit from Reiki energy and ended up making the plant die.
        Nedda, as you said in one of your classes: “Dealing with energy is serious stuff, guys!”. ?