What Is “Animal Communication?”

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“Animal Communication”

is a form of telepathic communication.


butterfly1ANIMAL COMMUNICATION is an expansion of  our intuition.  It allows you and an animal to communicate telepathically.

Animal Communication is very old. Native peoples all around the world have been communicating with animals for eons.

Today, many of us have been communicating telepathically with animals since childhood.  For all humans, this is a natural form of communication, just as it is natural for all animals.

Telepathy is an energetic exchange for the purpose of communicating an idea, a feeling, an emotion, information, or some other message.

Some people first experience this type of communication with their animals when they suddenly know that “something is wrong” with one of their animal companions without having seen any changes in behavior.  It may be hard to convince someone else when you have a “knowing” about something, but if you have had this experience and taken your animal friend to the veterinarian, and the veterinarian discovered that your animal was very sick, that was confirmation for you of your expanded intuitive sense.

So telepathic communication with animals is really expanded intuition.


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