Do Animals “Hear” Me Telepathically When I Speak to Them Out Loud?

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Do Animals “Tune in”

Even When I Don’t?


Yes, most animals in your presence will “tune in” to you telepathically when you vocalize, meaning when you speak your messages and questions to them out loud.

When you want to get an animal’s attention for any reason, if the animal is physically with you, it can help to speak the animal’s name first.

Animals who are around humans expect us to speak out loud and will quickly respond to this.

When an animal recognizes the sound of their name, they will mentally and often physically turn their attention to you to find out why you said their name.

Once you have their attention, you can continue the conversation by giving a message verbally or telepathically or both.

In general, most humans find it easier to vocalize when learning to communicate telepathically.  This is because our minds chatter so much that we often become distracted.  Vocalizing helps us stay focused.

When communicating vocally to an animal who is tuning in telepathically, it helps the animal to understand your message when your mental images and feelings align with the words of your message.

Animals who live with humans understand many of our spoken words. Still, having consistency between your thoughts, feelings, mental images, and spoken words makes it easier for the animal to understand your message.

When we take the time to explain something in detail it helps the animal get a fuller, clearing meaning of the message. For example, if you’re about to go on a trip and leave your animal friend at home, filling in the details of this experience ahead of time will do much to relieve the animal’s concerns about care while you’re gone.

In this example, some questions the animal might have that you can answer are:

  • Who will take care of me while you’re gone?
  • When are you leaving?
  • When are you returning?

Even when you’re speaking with an animal who is not physically with you, such as using a photograph or an animal’s description to make a connection, you may find that it helps you focus more effectively to speak aloud.

This applies to animal’s in spirit as well as animal’s in physical.  While the vocalization may not be heard by the animal, a stronger focus will send the communication telepathically so that the animal will “hear” you.

With practice, you can learn to connect telepathically with an animal and have entire conversations without vocalizing.  Developing this skill can be helpful if you’re on an airplane, a bus, or in another location where other people are present.



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