What If The Animal’s Voice Sounds Like Mine?

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How do I know it’s the animal

speaking and not just me?


When you are clairaudient, meaning you are hearing telepathically, the voice most often sounds exactly like your own voice in your head.

When first learning animal communication, this is one reason why it’s so easy to doubt that you’re receiving telepathically.  However, continued practice will demonstrate a variety of differences in reception.

For example, some animals speak at a normal volume.  Others may shout.  Others are so quiet that the messages come through in a whisper or even almost completely silently.

Some animals seem to speak with accents.  There was a French Bulldog I spoke with years ago who had a French accent.  He was born in the US, so I have no idea why I heard him that way.  But each time I spoke with him, there it was!

A mare I spoke with once had a definitely Southern accent, and then there was the very, very elderly cat who sounded like an immigrant whose natural language was Yiddish.  This cat had all the inflections and intonations of someone from that culture.

It’s best to go into conversations being open to whatever we receive in whatever form is comes.  Then, as you have conversations with more and more animals, you’ll find that while mostly their voices sound like your own, you truly are communicating telepathically with animals.




2 Responses to “What If The Animal’s Voice Sounds Like Mine?”
  1. Carrie Genoff says:

    I started to “hear” animals that had crossed over shortly after my beloved dog had passed. I had joined a petloss support group that was online and from time to time pets would come to me saying the darndest things.Some time had passed and I hadn’t been on the board in awhile, though a dog visited me, telling me to send a message to her mommy. I recalled a dog of that name and figured the mommy must be on the petloss boards. I really do not feel very comfortable contacting people to tell them their pet has a message for them… and so this dog became very persistent. Finally I could feel that this owner would feel comforted with a message and so I sent her a pm . The voice I heard had a very, very southern accent…
    Later I found out that this dog live in the far south where she had been rescued.
    This article was so helpful for me, in that it further helps me to trust what I am hearing…. some do shout…LOL

    Blessings of Light and Love

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, Carrie,

      Animals often come into our lives to teach us and to help us learn to accept our talents. How lovely that you were able to speak to the person for her dog. Congratulations on accepting your telepathic abilities.